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Mini Post #1

I know I said early in the week I was pushing a post back until today but I’ll be honest, I’m pretty tried and don’t feel like writing a whole lot tonight. It was going to be all about Pluto, the manga by Naoki Urasawa that I’ve just started re-reading but I’ll try and get to that next week instead.

Todays post is going to be real short, go read yesterdays Star Wars one instead!

One really cool thing was Sara reading an article on one of the Dallas Cowboys websites she checks. There is a good chance they’ll play over here next season which is cool for her but more excitingly is there is a very good chance they’ll be playing the Colts in Indianapolis. We’ve already decided that if that happens we are definitely going, no matter what. We’ll just have to figure out if we make a bigger trip of it or go for an expensive long weekend and then try and go somewhere else as well next year like we were hoping.

Sara is away this weekend, visiting her mum before xmas, I’ve currently got no plays but I would love to go see The Last Jedi again, maybe I’ll just go by myself tomorrow night or something.

Yeah thats really going to be all for today, its been a long day and I’m going to play some video games and fall asleep on the sofa. See you tomorrow.

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