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Weekend Edition #10 - Home Alone

Sara is visiting her mum this weekend so I’m just hanging out. They meet up near xmas every year, they pick somewhere kind of in the middle between us and them and stay there for a night. Its nice, I think they both just enjoy some mother/daughter time together.

I’ve been pottering about finding stuff to keep me occupied, I started drinking at about 3pm, but slowly, so I don’t even really feel buzzed yet to be honest. I’ve written a few blog posts and played some video games. It would have been the perfect time to get all my wrapping done but I’ve been smart this year and done everything as I got it. I’m all done for xmas with over a week to spare, which is awesome, I normally start about now.

I signed up for Apple Music today. I haven’t really listened to much new music much for a couple of years but over the last month or two I’ve been enjoying discovering new stuff and because I don’t need to own everything I listen to anymore as I’m not Doing much I finally bit the bullet and signed up. I’m enjoying it so far, hopefully I can keep discovering new stuff I’m enjoying. If you have any recommendations, send them my way, I’d love to check them out.

#PorgNation this is what we've got my niece for xmas. It's pretty great!

The last two days have been filled with so many podcasts reviewing and discussing The Last Jedi. I think most people have a similar thought process as me but it’s been cool hearing some things bought up that I’d missed or not thought about.

Last night I started watching, and this evening I carried on with, Atypical on Netflix. It’s a show about a high school kid on the autism spectrum and his family. At first I wasn’t sure about it, the show is in no way insensitive but I didn’t know if it was good or not. I’m halfway through the series now and I’m really enjoying it. Jennifer Jason Lee and Michael Rappaport play the parents and are a really good base for all the characters. They all have stuff going on, in fact I think Sam, the kid on the spectrum, has the least interesting storyline but because of the family structure everything and everyones decisions are kind of based around him. It’s worth checking out.

I think Mitchell and Emma might be coming round in a bit to hang out and keep me company. It’ll be nice to see them, I won’t feel like a dick who’s just drinking by himself.

I’m listening to The Midnight’s latest album Nocturnal while I write this and I really think they might be my favourite band of the year. The whole synth-wave thing is really doing it for me at the moment. I think it would annoy a lot of people for seeming quite false but I’m into it and its going really well with the Apple TV screen saver with slow moving drone shots over various cityscapes.

I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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