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Weekend Edition #11 - Saturday night fever?

Last night ended up being a lot of fun. Mitchell and Emma came over after doing some family bits and bobs and we just hung out, shot the shit, played some video games and stuff. It was nice, I would like to just hang out with friends more often, I don’t really do it much. They ended up going at ab out 1:30am and I was pretty drunk by this point. I think I carried on playing games for another couple of hours until I went to bed, I was expecting to feel rough this morning but I just slept through it so by the time I got up I felt alright.

Trying to be an unbiased fantasy football commissioner while Mitchell is getting annoyed at trades that are happening.

Today has mostly just been tidying up and doing stuff around the house. I also took the time to get a game of Gloomhaven prepped for Sara and I to play. Its such a big game that doing that can take time and I quite enjoy the process so I figured I would do that while she’s heading home. Neither of our teams are playing at a reasonable time tonight so even though we’ll be watching some NFL nothing will be completely taking our attention, hence playing a board game.

My mum and Paul popped over to drop off xmas pressies earlier. It was nice having a brief catch up with them, they had just seen The Last Jedi so we mostly were just talking about that. Perfect!

Short and sweet Sunday update, one more week at work then four days off, three days on, three days off, four days on. Not a bad couple of weeks. Then I’ve got two weeks off at the end of January so I’ve got some time coming up, no excuses not to get ahead with some good blog posts!

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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