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Xmas Shopping

We may have gone a little nuts with xmas presents this year. After months of saying “Oh we’ll be good this year.” And “We won’t spend too much.” We both seem to have completely disregarded that and bought lots of stuff.

Not all of it is for just us, there are some bits for family and friends… but it is mostly all for us!

I’ve definitely spent more than I intended to, but I don’t feel too bad about it. It’s nice being able to spoil each other every now and then.

I was pretty sure I was done until Sara sent me a picture of the tree with all the additional things she’d wrapped today. I then went and gave Jeff Bazos some more money on additional things. I’m going to need more wrapping paper too, this will be our fourth roll on the year!

This doesn't do justice to the depth of gifts. Its more present than tree at this point.

I’m really enjoying having this Apple Music subscription, I’m already discovering new stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise. I introduced Mitchell and Emma to The Midnight the other night as I knew they’d love them like I do and it sent us down a rabbit hole of synth-wave eighties inspired music. I’m really digging it, its great music to write to.

Sara and I played Gloomhaven last night, it moves pretty quick with two and especially now that we’re getting our heads around all the rules and whatnot. We did fail the scenario, but we know where we went wrong and should be able to give it a better go next time round. We’re just doing side missions with the two of us and main missions with the full party whenever we can with Ed & Toni.

We popped to Costco when I got home from work today to buy our turkey and other bits and bobs for xmas, we were a day early on the turkey and I think we might just go to a regular supermarket anyway as we won’t need a huge one like they sell there.

We didn’t leave empty handed though, we got plenty of snacks bits to last us through the holidays. I’ve just got to make sure the £15 tub of jellybeans I bought lasts. No promises though.

Mmm, Sara is cooking mac’n’cheese at the moment and its starting to smell fucking awesome so I’m going to wrap this up and go see if I can do anything to help.

Until tomorrow…

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