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Get Gloomy

Sara and I played though a side mission in Gloomhaven this evening and Ed had asked my to let him know how it went when we finished it. I kind of got carried away and wrote a little bit of flavour text for when Ed and Toni’s characters rejoin ours when after we’d finished the mission.

“You enter The Sleeping Lion after some time away to see your companions Sabetha and Finch clearly in the midst of celebration. Finch is atop a table with a flagon in one and and some gemstone in the other. Out the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a mouse scurrying from behind the bar with a small coin purse being dragged behind it and it climbs into Finchner’s pocket. Only then to you realise that the little Vermling is just putting on a show for the people while possessing the local critters to rob the other patrons.

Sabetha is a little more subdued in her celebrations, telling the tale of how the two of them stormed into the sulphur mine and fought through swarms of Vermlings and blood thirsty hounds before valiantly facing down an all powerful Inox shaman.

You’ve known these two long enough to know that while there is some truth to their tale it is probably exaggerated quite a bit.

Regardless of that, they did manage to recover some ancient technology plans for some new items and the local merchants have begun producing them quickly.

Not only that but they apparently helped some Inox refugees on the road and have heard about another adventure at a place known simple as the burning mountain. Maybe it would be worth investigating?”

Only a few days of posts left to write for the year, next week is taken care of already. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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