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I’m addicted to the mobile game Golf Clash. Its not the best game in the world, far from it, but it has that perfect thing for a mobile game to become addictive. You can play a round usually in less than five minutes, it has solid match making so you tend to play against people at a similar level and skill to you and you do not need to use any micro-transactions unless you really want to.

It isn’t just a mini-golf game either, it is just a fairly simplistic golf game on full sized holes across a variety of courses. Now some background, I don’t like golf, I’ve never played golf and I generally find the sport boring as shit, but I do enjoy the fun of mini-golf, especially if it is a hot evening and you’re not only allowed but encouraged to bring a cooler of beers around with you while you play. (God bless you Austin, Texas you magnificently cool and weird city!) That said I did play quite a lot of Tiger Woods Golf on the PS2 with my brother way back before he was known to be a creeper and wrapped his car around a tree, or whatever happened, I don’t really know or care. This game gives me the same enjoyment that did but in the palm of my hand when I’ve got a quick five minutes or am taking a shit.

Yeah, we bought a lot of jelly beans the other day...

I’m currently ranked in the qualifying part of this months tournament and I’m patiently waiting for it to finish so I can see if anyone did better than me and knocked me down a few ranks or I made it through to the next round. I have a real love/hate relationship when it comes to getting addicted to mobile games, I don’t mind leaving little time fillers like Threes or sudoku on my phone but other things, like Golf Clash, once I stop playing or decide I should stop playing, I delete immediately otherwise the temptation to go back would always be there. Thats why I only ever let myself have a small handful of games on my device at one time. Self control is important and so is having distinct rules for what you spend your money on. I don’t mind paying £5 for a 4K restored edition of a classic movie on iTunes but I will not pay 99p for nine fancy golf balls in a stupid game.

Thats it for today, I’m going to watch the last episode of Atypical now, I’ve really enjoyed this season. Oh, if you enjoy pro wrestling, this weeks NXT had an amazing match between Tyler Bate and Pete Dunn that is really worth watching. Later!

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