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Early Episode IX Speculation

It’s been a little over a week since The Last Jedi was released and boy has it divided audiences. I don’t want to get into why so many of the people who are hating on it are wrong, all I’ll say on that matter is that people need to learn to have individual thoughts and opinions instead of glomming on to the loud angry people. I totally agree that there are faults and flaws with the movie but so much of the criticism is just plain stupid. I loved the film and can’t believe I haven’t seen it a second time yet. Maybe one evening next week.

Anyway, the real reason I’m talking about Star Wars today isn’t for what we have or even for what we’re getting in six months with ‘Solo.’ No, I want to start looking ahead two years to Episode IX and the end of this trilogy.

Like so many others I left The Last Jedi thinking, “Wow, that was very final.” And not really thinking about what would come next. It’s been over a week now and I think I’m ready to start speculating and getting the conversation going.

If The Last Jedi thought us anything its that everything we thought and expecting it bound to be wrong and we shouldn’t even worry about it, but I feel like that was more a Rain Johnson thing. I could be, hell I hope to be, proven wrong by the returning JJ Abrams, but I feel that he is a more predictable director. With that in mind, these are some of my thoughts and speculations about where the next film in the saga will go…

The first thing I was thinking about, and something that has been echoed by many, was that I feel a pretty substantial time jump is going to be required. I am hoping for something in the five to ten year range and I feel that gives these characters enough room to breath so that when we catch back up with them there is a new status quo. Something we didn’t have in The Last Jedi as it picked up basically immediately after The Force Awakens.

Liea’s death is going to have to be addressed and there are a number of ways to go about handling it. Some expect the film to open with her funeral, but can’t see this happening. By the time the film is released Carrie Fisher’s unfortunate passing will have been three years past, while she should never be forgotten (no joke guys, I’m listening to The Last Jedi score and the rendition of her score has just kicked as I’m writing this bit) I think fans will be ready to move on. I am guessing that we will have a line at the start of the opening crawl something along the lines of ‘DESPITE THE UNFORTUNATE LOSS OF GENERAL LIEA ORGANA, THE RESISTANCE, NOW LED BY POE DAMERON, FIGHTS ON AGAINST THE OPPRESSIVE FIRST ORDER.’

It takes care of what it needs to while leaving the door open for Claudia Grey or Greg Rucka to write the novel that actually deals with the death of the Princess.

Yeah, I think that Poe needs to be leading the Resistance in the next film. If he’s not I think it would be kind of crazy, Holdo and Liea both saw greatness in him and were trying to instil more maturity an leadership skills onto him. Thats not to say that he should be a leader like any we’ve seen before. I would expect him to still be very much a lead from the front kind of guy and to have people questioning him at all points, but if he’s managed to hold together or possibly regroup and grow whats left of the Resistance, he should have earned the respect of his peers. That is of course unless the true hero of the Rebellion, Wedge Antillies is still alive and steps up.

On the other side I think we will see a Kylo Ren leading the First Order from a much different place mentally. I would like to see a completely unhinged Kylo as we start this film, he’s full of wrath and is leading with an even more viscous iron fist than Palpatine, Vader or Snoke. I like the idea that a big part of his mania has come from being haunted by a force ghost of Luke. Instead of appearing to and guiding Rey, Luke has chosen to constantly appear to his nephew almost to the point of harassment. There was a similar situation in the Legacy series where Luke would appear to Cade Skywalker and the latter would try and dull his connection to the force with death sticks.

I think that Hux will still be following the new Supreme Leader’s rule but by the end of the film will have betrayed him either by surrendering the First Order or with an attempted assassination/coup d’état.

I think it would be interesting if Kylo Ren has made Vader’s castle on Mustafar his base of operations, but I wouldn’t be interested in another final show down there so maybe we don’t do that.

I personally don’t think Snoke’s guards were the Knights of Ren. I think those guys, who are almost certainly the other students from Luke’s academy who left with Ben will pop back up in IX, probably just as his lackeys.

On the subject of the other students, I was thinking more about what we saw in Rey’s ‘force-back’ from The Force Awakens and how little time has pasted since then. I hope and believe what Kylo told Rey about her parents was true, but I do think there is a chance there is more to it. I still think that there is a chance that a young Rey, the neglected and abandoned daughter of drunks from Jakku, was at Luke’s academy, maybe not even for very long, before Ben’s destruction of it. I think that maybe when he and his Knights of Ren were slaying the other students one did attempt to strike the young Rey down but was killed by Kylo/Ben. He didn’t need her at that time though so he took her back to Jakku and left her there. That would explain his fascination with her in The Force Awakens and his affection and connection with her in The Last Jedi. Perhaps during the course of their communicating he confirmed his suspicions and there for knew her history. Yeah, you know what, the more I think about that the more I like it.

Thats the main thrust of what I’ve got, but I did come up with a silly idea that I think would be interesting but I doubt they’ll do. The little meet cute that happened on the Falcon between Rey and Poe could have blossomed into romance in the intervening years but I think picking up with them on the rocks could lead to some fun character moments, similar to the Liea and Han interplay in Empire. Both would be extremely busy, Poe leading the Resistance and Rey trying to learn more about The Force or possibly even be teaching new people while going of with Chewie and R2 on the Falcon. I can picture scenes where Rey and her platonic best friend Finn are discussing their relationships, with Finn’s with Rose maybe going great and Rey and Poe less so. It would also put Finn in a comedically awkward position between his two friends. I don’t know, it would definitely be silly first act stuff if it were to happen at all.

Early guess on the title, Balance of the Force.

If that car could get there without a crane or a ramp then fuck it, I want to try those drugs!

Thats Friday everybody. I’m done with work for four days and only have this weekends posts to write for the rest of the year! See you tomorrow!

I didn't even finish getting changed before cracking open a cold one when I got home from work today.

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