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The XFL Reborn Championship Weekend.

It all comes down to this… this weekend might only be the second to last week of the regular season in the NFL, but for our fantasy football league, this is championship weekend! *Insert dramatic music cue by Sam Spence here*

Ed, Rutter, Sara, Brennan, Me, Jack, Jamie, Mitchell at the draft back in July, we actually did it on our first wedding anniversary.

Similar times... full so of much hope.

It has been a fun season this year, we started a new league with a mix of players from the old league and new people, some who had played fantasy football before, others who were totally new to the game. There has been smack talk, wheeling and dealing trades, upset loses and comeback victories. The biggest thing I noted this year was overall just how close almost every game was for the vast majority of the season. We had games coming down to less than half a point on more than one occasion! I’m not sure what that says about us veterans of the game but the new people in the league have all taken to the whole thing so well. I’m really impressed with just how deep Mitchell, Jack and Brennan have all dived in. Myself, Sara, Jamie, Rutter and Ed knew what we were in for and I think it lived up to and exceeded expectations.

Thats not to say that tensions didn’t run high at a few points during the season for a few people, especially as the playoff race was tightening up, but everyone was able to be mature and step back and realise that while we do take this shit really seriously, it is still meant to be a fun addition to our overall football experience.

Sara, Jamie, Jack and I were all at the Cards/Rams game this year and it was a lot of fun at the tailgate before hand. Jack is an Arizona fan and Jamie is a good friend so they were both rocking the dirty birds jerseys, Jack was full of confidence going into the game… it did not go well. The Los Angeles Rams have been so much fun to watch this year under Sean McVay that I was excited to see them. It was bitter sweet for the Cards fans though as long time quarterback Carson Palmer got injured during the game that would take him out for the rest of the season, possibly career at this point as he is getting up there in age.

We also surprised those two by going and meeting up with them for thanksgiving football at their local bar. It was a fun night.

I’ve watched quite a few games with Mitchell this year at Sara’s bar if she’s had to do a Sunday night and Rutter has joined us whenever he’s not been working. So while we haven’t had a chance to have a full league meet up to watch football during the regular season it has felt like we’ve all seen, hung out and talked with each other a lot more than the last few years. We’re hoping to be able to get together during the NFL playoffs to have a fantasy championship celebration.

Which brings me on to how our season actually went… I’ll start with me and get it out the way. I started out so strong, I won my first three games, then lost one but bounced back the following week. Between weeks five and thirteen I did not win a game. In most weeks I scored enough to beat every other team in the league except the one I was playing that week. It was a string of terrible luck more than anything else. The exact same thing happened to Sara last year and she ended up losing in what was then The Sacko Bowl to be the last overall loser of the old league while I went on to be the champion who would never be crowned as the last winner.

I’m at 5-9, tied for last place but though some lucky breaks in the playoffs I’m not playing Rutter who is also on the same record. He managed to get away from the redubbed Ballbag Bowl and is playing for irrelevancy this week while I take on Brennan who ends the season at 6-8 to see who will be the biggest loser.

Sara has had an amazing year this year. She went 5-0 to start the season and is going into the championship game with a league leading 10-4 record. She has been the team to beat all year long and deserves her place in the big game.

The remaining four teams… it was anyones game! Early in the season it didn’t look like newcomer Jack would be any threat, he didn’t get it first win until week five but after than he didn’t lose again until week nine and would end up with an impressive 8-6 record after comfortably securing a playoff spot. His biggest rival through the season has been another newcomer not just to our league but to fantasy football in general, Mitchell has been scientific throughout the season and also goes into this final week on an 8-6 record. He was also the only person throughout the season to briefly unseat Sara at first place, They were on a tied record at one point and Mitchell had the tiebreak advantage. It didn’t last long though. The last two weeks Jack and Mitchell and faced off, once as the last week of regular season where Jack got a decisive victory but last weeks playoff game was a lot closer. It was one of the games that came down to less than a point but Jack did come out as the victory again securing his spot against Sara in this weeks championship game.

Jamie and Ed had interesting seasons and both ended up on dead even 7-7 records. Ed definitely fluked his way to a few victories and seemed to fail upwards through a portion of the season, but that shouldn’t take away from some savvy moves he has made to make up for some trade blunders early in the season. Going into next year he might be a real threat with the draft picks he picked up. Jamie had more of an up and down year. He started off strong as he usually does but hit a slump and looked to be eliminated from contention until a few things went his way and he was right back in it going into the last week of the regular season. It was in fact a loss to Ed in the final week that kept him out of the hunt.

Can you see what I mean about the parody in this league this year and how close it all has been!?

We’re now a few hours away from the first games kicking off that will decide the inaugural Champion (we haven’t decided on a name for that trophy yet) and Ballbag for the XFL Reborn Fantasy Football League, a name that we may have to give up earlier that we’d like if Vince McMahon decides to run with it again as its looking very likely he’s going to do. I would like to think that we’ve been the inspiration.

The games that matter this week are:

For the championship,

Sara Hewlett and her team: Come to the Dak-side vs. Jack Everly with Arians Aryans.

And for The Ballbag,

James Hewlett’s The Phenomenal Ones vs. Brennan Hall and the Flaccoholics Anonymous.

Whats funny is there is a chance of me going first to worst year to year and for Sara to go worst to first. It’s also worth noting that only Hewlett’s have ever one a fantasy championship, so I’m counting on her to keep that dynasty alive.

For third and fourth place it’s,

Ed and The Tune Squad vs. Mitchell’s Southampton City Slunkers

And finally for fifth and sixth,

Jamie’s Villain Club vs. Rutter’s For Whom Odell Tolls.

And we won’t even know final results until xmas night!

Have a great weekend everybody, but butthole is going to be clenched tightly the whole time!

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