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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year... Apparently.

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/whatever you celebrate or don’t. I hope you have a nice a lovely December 25th.

Sara and I usually go to see family today, for the first few years we were together we went to my mums as Sara would have either been working the night before or the next day and so going up to York to her parents wasn’t really possible. It was always nice, especially as my niece and nephew got to an age where they were having a blast all day, but I always knew that Sara missed seeing her mum at xmas. Last year we were finally able to get up to see them and spent a few days up there. It was really cool and a change of pace.

This year my mum and Paul are having a quiet xmas day and no one is going round, everyone is going to my sisters on boxing day instead. We were invited to my mums xmas day but decided we’ll just do the family thing at Lucy's the next day as well. We considered going up north again but due to some health issues with Sara’s step-dad we didn’t want to feel like we were imposing or that they had to be hosting us. So instead we are having a nice xmas morning to ourselves and then our friends Mitchell and Emma are coming over for the day/evening. We’ve split lunch duties so that we don’t have to do everything ourselves. I'm really looking forward to see what kind of rum ham they've prepared!

We were really touched when they mentioned to us a while back that they would much rather just spend xmas with us and after a little thought we agreed that that does sound like exactly the sort of xmas we would like too. It’ll be nice to just relax, hang out, drink and be merry with our closest friends without any pressure to entertain kids or parents. We can play some games, watch some films and nap to our hearts content. Perfect.

I hope you all have a lovely day too. I’ve got a great week of posts this week (all pre-written) to finish out the year so make sure to check back every day!

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