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2017 Playlist

Every year for the past fifteen I’ve made a year long playlist. It used to be monthly and then compiled at the end of the year but when I stopped listening to enough music to fill a monthly playlist I just switched it to a year long one. It’s much easier to manage.

I somehow lost the first five years worth while cleaning up iTunes at some point a long time ago but as we approach the end of the year I will have a full decade of annual playlists to select from. They range in length from twenty eight tracks (2014) to a hundred and fifteen (2008.) In the years I’ve been making them annually they usually are in the mid thirties though.

Track selection is kind of arbitrary, some things are very new, some are really old. Tracks get added if I’ve been listening to it a fair bit and I feel it captures a moment. Some are as simple as I hear them in a movie or in an ad or on the radio, others are inspired by things that are happening around me and some are just random tracks that pop into my head.

I’m not going to go through the full decade of playlists, but this is my 2017 playlist with a brief explanation as to why each song made it on. The list is chronological from when I added it to the list.

  1. The Funeral - Band of Horses. January kind of sucked; Trump was sworn in and it sort of set the tone for the year. I love this song and its somber tone.

  2. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes. This got added at the same time I believe. I’m pretty sure I was talking about these two bands with Mitchell and I wanted to add a song of theirs.

  3. I Got 5 On It - The Luniz. Pretty sure I heard this coming from someones car as I was walking through town, its a nineties rap classic.

  4. On Your Wings - Iron & Wine. You know what, when I added this I thought to myself ‘you’ve had this on playlists in years past and gotten sick of hearing it’ and so I added it again. I really do like it but I do skip it when it comes on now.

  5. Electric Love - BØRNS. First heard this on Maui while listening to KRock and then all through the NFL season last year on the Southwest ad. Really cool album.

  6. Redbone - Childish Gambino. Awaken, My Love! Is an interesting funk album, I like it and wanted to add the lead track to the playlist to give it plenty of plays. I definitely prefer older Gambino but I’m happy for him that he’s just doing whatever he wants to do.

  7. Slam - Pendulum. This was added while at work and driving back at the end of the day, I was just in the mood for some loud and fast early 2000’s dance.

  8. Adam & The Ants - Stand & Deliver. I’d been listening to this randomly on a Wednesday and then happened to see a band cover it that Friday while grabbing a beer with Allan, it had to go on the list.

  9. Heartbeats - José Gonzalez. Love the original by The Knife, love this version. I think I heard it on a TV show and wanted to listen to it more.

  10. Sunny Side Up - Alumo. Royalty free track that Burnie Burns uses a lot in his vlogs, really nice piece of music.

  11. So Fresh, So Clean - Outkast. Say what you will about Iron Fist, but it had some awesome music and this started it off.

  12. Surf Rider - The Lively Ones. One of those songs you hear all over the place, I think it played in a diner we were eating at. I love this old 50’s/60’s style Americana surfy music.

  13. Love Is Mystical - Cold War Kids. Great new track from a really underrated band, we listened to this a lot in Croatia.

  14. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, nuf’ said?

  15. Mr. Blue Sky - ELO. See above.

  16. Wake Up - Circa Waves. Another one we were listening to a lot on our drives around Essos… I mean Croatia.

  17. Judas - Fozzy. Chris Jericho’s band that I saw in at a festival in 2005 as a cheesy cover band have really got good! This is a catchy rock and roll tune.

  18. Cochise - Audioslave. This would have been just after we lost Chris Cornell, not my favourite song of his but what an awesome build up on that intro.

  19. A-Punk - Vampire Weekend. This was just a random add, I think I heard it in a bar for the first time in ages, I still like it.

  20. Los Angeles - Blink-182. Really like the latest album, the dude from Alkaline Trio works great. This was added sometime in the sixteen hours we were going to be going to see them from randomly buying tickets to them cancelling the show.

  21. Breaking The Habit - Linking Park. Chester Bennington gone too soon. Didn’t keep up with anything after, but those first two albums still hold a special place. Remember loving this video for this one and it was all him on vocal so I choose it.

  22. Crazy - Seal. Another random add, not sure why at all except its a great song.

  23. You Drove Me To It - Hell Is For Heroes. They announced some shows and it reminded me they existed. Took me right back to school listening to this one. Really great song.

  24. Testing 1, 2, 3 - Barenaked Ladies. I was thinking back about when this album came out and couldn’t believe it was fourteen years ago. Last great album with Steve in the band and one of the best songs on it. Little did I know they’d announce a new album mere days later.

  25. Evidence - The Danger Bees. I have so much music on in my library sometimes I’ll hit shuffle and hear something I’ve never heard before and end up loving it.

  26. Girl’s Not Grey - AFI. Similar to HIFH earlier, I had forgotten all about this track, same year too. I think it was juuuuust before the emo stuff got away from my taste.

  27. Sunset - The Midnight. I was listening to SlashfilmCast and Jeff Cannata talked about this song briefly, he’s always been a good source of new music. I can’t stop listening to this whole album. Reminds me a lot of when I first discovered Passion Pit.

  28. The Artist In The Ambulance - Thrice. I went investingating other hidden gems from ’03. This was right up there.

  29. Bringing It Home - Barenaked Ladies. Remember when I said BNL announced a new album, this is the lead single. I like it!

  30. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies. Heard while sat at the bar planning out what I wanted to do at Brewfest, I used to listen to Pixies all the time. I miss that.

  31. Free Fallin’ - Tom Petty. I’ve written previously about Tom Petty’s death. Obvious choice but it doesn’t diminish it’s greatness.

  32. Kids are Cool - San Cisco. This came on shuffle while I was writing one day, I like it’s energy a lot.

  33. Drop Kick The Punks - The Faint. I linked this song previously, it got added while writing about Equity For Punks. There used to be a really fun flash game for this song. I wonder if it still exists somewhere online?

  34. The Great Beyond - R.E.M. I like REM, always have. I don’t really listen to them much anymore but always enjoy when a song comes on. This is featured prominently in the documentary Jim & Andy I wrote about in November.

  35. Doo Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill. This one is just a tune I had stuck in my head one Wednesday in November after not hearing it for years. All three of the Fugees had some great songs after they split. I don’t think I ever played this while I was Doing and it makes me want to do another night to see if this kills as much as it should.

  36. Let’s Go Crazy - Prince. I was watching old Super Bowl half time show performances earlier this year and I think Prince’s might be my favourite. Then again I might be biased because the Colts won that year. He opened the show with this amazing party song and transitioned into just a short guitar riff from Kiss and punctuated it by making a kiss sound and just stating “Count it.” Such a cool moment from a true master of performance.

I love having my musical time capsules, whenever we have people round I’ll usually just ask them to pick a year between 2008 and now and then go with that as background music.

See you tomorrow as we continue to round out the year.

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