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New Years Resolutions

So this is it for 2017 huh? Final day. What a mixed year, there has been some really good stuff and a lot of really terrible stuff! I think over all I’m glad to see the back of it. With that said though, I’m not one of these people who really sees much difference in stuff year to year. Tomorrow is Monday, its just another day that followed the one before it. Nothing really changes until we do something.

My sis got me this cool Lego Architecture set for xmas.

I haven’t made a New Years Resolution in about ten years. I generally think they’re garbage goals and pressures that people put on themselves and don’t take seriously after about a week. When I stopped drinking for a month I did so on a random Sunday with no preamble or pomp. I think it’s much better that way and much more likely to succeed… But I needed a good post to round out a week of updates that I’ve been really proud of and listing some new years resolutions seemed like a good idea. I also think that by nature of this site I’m more like to be held/hold myself accountable and to keep up with this stuff.

Not all of it is stuff I’m starting immediately, but it is a resolution that this year, at some point (some already planned, some not at all) I will do these things.

So with all that in mind, here we go, in no specific order:

  1. Git Gud and by that I mean get in better shape. Its super boring and totally cliche but I need to get into better shape. I saw some picture of me in ’09 when I was writing a post a while ago and I realised that that was the best shape I had been in in my adult life. I was by no means super fit or anything, but I was a lot happier with myself than I have been since. If I can get back somewhere in that ball park I will be happy. My goal is to run at least the New Forest Marathons 5K and the Bournemouth Marathons 5K. Sara did both of those this year after only six months previously needing a walking stick to stand for longer than half and hour so I think it’s an achievable goal. I know she is looking to up her runs to the 10Ks this year coming but I want to start out shorter than that. To achieve this I plan on going on increasingly longer runs and to do regular core work outs at home to try and turn my gut into something a bit more toned. If I can justify the expense of a gym membership a little later in the year I will do that as it is a good motivator as well.

  2. The other boring one is to be better with money. I already am a lot better than I have been in the past so if I can just maintain that I’ll be fine. This one should be easy. I’m not in a bad position at the moment so as long as I’m not stupid this one takes care of itself. If I can make some extra on the side along the way, great.

  3. Travel. We like to travel and this year I think we would like to go on a pretty decent length holiday. I would like to do this without contradicting the resolution immediately above this though so some saving will be required. Sara is already great at finding good, cheap deals so hopefully we’ll be able to go somewhere really cool without breaking the bank. As much as I always enjoy our trips to different parts of the US, I think it would be cool to go east this time and maybe do Thailand or Vietnam.

  4. I would like to continue to improve my writing and this site in general. I’ve impressed myself so far with my consistency, I haven’t missed a day yet, so I would like to continue that streak. I think improvements there will just come naturally the more I do. I’m not to worried about that. I would really like to start adding more to the site though and I’ve had plenty of ideas. The problem comes as they require outside help and collaborations and people are busy! It’s a lot easier to wrangle yourself and to beat up on yourself when you know you need to get something done but it becomes stressful and sometimes unpleasant when you have to do that with others. One key idea I would like to get going though is a weekly webstrip with me writing and one of my more artistically inclined friends illustrating it. I think I could write a short script a week. I wouldn’t be looking for more than four or five panels at a strip. If anyone is interested in working with me on this please let me know.

  5. The next one is in the same vain as something I would like to add to the site or as a side project. I want to start recording more gameplay footage and get back into video editing. I used to enjoy doing that so much but haven’t in such a long time. I have all the equipment already, I just need to think of a specific hook or style that is a little more unique. This one is a work in process and requires more thought. It won’t be happening anytime soon but look for something in 2018.

  6. Finally the one that I am itching to do the most and have put the most thought into and that is to start the podcast I’ve been itching to do for a while now, Another Dead Rockstar. Look back as one of my very early posts where I talk about my idea for it for more details but I am determined to get this started this coming year. Toughest part at the moment is finding the right co-host who has a similar vision and commitment to it as I do.

That’s it. Thats all I’ve got. I think I have set myself a very achievable list of things to work on. Now it’s time to go drink and have some fun and go woo at midnight… It’s still weird for me, I DJ’d this night for so many years that even now after not for a few years I get kind of anxious about making sure I don’t fuck anything up.

Happy New Year!

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