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So This Is The New Year

Wow I feel like I’m way out of practice. Its been over a week since I’ve written anything, thats the longest I’ve gone since starting this thing!

I hope you enjoyed my week wrapping up the end of 2017, the lists were fun to put together. I was hoping more people would check them out but people are apparently allergic to clicking on a link, whatever.

One of my resolutions for this year was to start exercising more and getting healthier. I know its cliché to start doing that stuff in January but fuck it, I have a blog to keep me accountable. I went for my first run in nearly a decade today. I only went around the block for six minutes or so but I was really proud of myself. I plan on running every other day and doing core exercises on the alternate days to start working on my gut.

I spent a few hours yesterday tiding up some of our shelves downstairs and boxing up a lot of blu rays. I kept one small shelf out, mostly of fancy boxsets and movies that hold a special place for both me and Sara, but everything else has been boxed up and will be going into the loft to join the cases upon cases of dvds. I am so over having physical discs out on display. If I want to watch a movie that isn’t on Netflix or Prime I’ll just get it off of iTunes. I love having a big digital library.

With the space I created I moved a lot of our books onto the shelves as opposed to stacked on top of other books. We also needed more space for board games as unsurprisingly we got a few new games for xmas.

I didn’t add it on as a resolution but this year I plan on doing more creative stuff. One of those things is painting and modelling some of the miniatures that are in a bunch of the board games we have. As a kid I used to love doing that and I’m really enjoying doing it again, its really relaxing on an evening when Sara and I will just sit, through whatever on TV and just paint stuff. I’ll definitely post pictures when I’ve got some actual progress.

Most of my new years eve was spent talking about that stuff with other people at Sara’s pub, it was a fun night. Pretty standard NYE sort of thing. I did have a super weird dream last night though involving the NFL. Von Miller and Jordan Howard were on the same team, based on the uniforms I would say it was the Bears, they were celebrating something or other and both landed on top of each other on the sideline. Von Miller got up and freaked out as Jordan Howard’s leg had completely come off at the knee. The commentary team, fans in the stands and all the players all freaked the fuck out and did Sara and I watching at home. Such a weird dream and so vivid!

Well thats going to do it for today, I needed to get back into the swing of this. I don’t have any specific plans for the week but I’ll try and think of some fun stuff to write about. I’m back at work tomorrow, I was in for three days last week but it was a weird quiet week as a lot of places I collect from were closed, I think it’s going to get back to normal from tomorrow. I’m only in for a couple of weeks though before having two weeks off, that’ll be fun!

I was pretty proud of this!

Happy new year everybody. See you tomorrow!

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