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Cash Money!

This week is turning into new years resolution follow up posts and I’m really okay with it!

Yesterday in my talk about structure I forgot to mention that it can be limiting at times. I used to watch a lot more movies but I find myself not making as much time for that as I used to. I think it is due to the feeling I have that I can fit more in if I don’t watch a movie. TV and stuff I can happily have on and be doing other stuff but when it comes to watching a film I like to turn the lights down, put my phone on silent and flipped and really just take it in. I really do enjoy doing that when I make myself, like the other day when I watched The Disaster Artist or last night watching Lady Bird.

But thats not what I wanted to talk about today. Todays resolution follow up was about being more sensible and saving money. I’ve made a point of not buying any lunch while at work from now on. I never spent much on it, but it is totally skippable and I’ll not miss it. I think a lot of the time it was just a way to kill time, thats not healthy on my gut or my wallet. So thats gone. I’ve also resolved to not be frivolous. There are still going to be certain things I don’t mind spending money on like good food and stuff, but I’m not going to just buy a new video game on a whim because it was £3 cheaper than somewhere else.

Sara and I are both really eager to go to Thailand or somewhere east this year as it will have been a couple of years since we had a ‘big’ holiday and our combined experience we’ve had in that half of the world is when I spend one drunken weekend in Hong Kong in 2009 (a good story, for another time.) The only problem is that we both really really want to go back to America again during football season and see at least one game out there. We went to Texas a few years ago and Sara got to see the Cowboys, since then I’ve been saying she owes me a Colts game. Well it just so happens that this coming season the Cowboys are coming to Indianapolis to play the Colts. We’re not missing that opportunity. I’ve been to Indy before and know that there isn’t going to be a huge amount else we’re going to want to do there so that means we either go for a very expensive long weekend or we go for a little longer, maybe only a week, and go somewhere else as well. Maybe Chicago as its close, or back to Austin as we love it there and might be able to catch a Longhorns game, or maybe New York and fly home from there for a shorter trip. All those details can come later.

What does that mean about Thailand/Asia though? Well Sara, being the awesome person that she is, is great at finding good deals whenever we go away and has worked out roughly what we would need to save to be able to do both. Not only that, but she has worked out how much we each need to save every week to make it possible and it is a totally reasonable amount. Sure we might need to book the trips before we’ve saved the whole whack but by the time the trips come around they should be paid for!

This is the start.

So now, every week I’m taking some cash out and putting it in our big money jar. Its strange isn’t is, for some people cash is a lot easier to spend and never gets saved, I’m the complete opposite. I hate carrying cash so every time I have some I put it in this big jar and it builds up. We empty it whenever we go away and are always pleased with how much we’ve got.

I’ve got a recurring reminder on my phone for Fridays too incase I haven’t put my share in there that week, it’s right there next to my reminders to exercise when I get home and to write something. I really like having them, they keep my in check and after a while you end up getting into the habit and most of the time I do the thing before the reminder even pops up.

Still haven't taken our tree down yet. Should do that this weekend.

Shorter post today but just as positive I think. I’m feeling good about this year. I hope you are too!

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