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We’ve been playing a new board game recently, shocking right? We saw it in a store when we were in London just before xmas and it caught both of ours eye. We almost bought it there and then but decided not to as we would have had to carry it for the day and it was £20 cheaper on amazon. So we ordered it instead, justifying it as a xmas present to ourselves that any money we were given would off set it.

Charterstone is a new legacy game in the same vain as Pandemic Legacy, Seafall and Risk Legacy. Basically the game changes and evolves based on what you do while playing. Rules are unlocked, new components are introduced some pieces are altered or destroyed. It is a really fun way to entice you to keep playing a game again and again. Some of the criticism people like to put on this type of game is that, using Pandemic Legacy as an example, you can only play it twelve to twenty four times depending on how well you do. I personally tend to agree with the creators that is less a case of “you can only” and more a case of “you will want to.” For people who enjoy playing a lot of board games going back to the same game a dozen or more times is pretty rare. You keep them around and might bust them out every now and then but there is always a new hotness you want to check out. Having a mechanic in the game that makes you want to keep coming back again and again is a great thing.

This is the first one that I’ve played that isn’t developed by Rob Daviau and it is definitely very different to other legacy games. Charterstone is much lighter in tone and mechanically a lot more of a ‘euro game.’ It is a worker placement game in which you are trying to out score the other players in the game. There isn’t a ton of interaction with the other players unless you choose to take certain actions. The thing about this game that is most appealing is that it is just… nice. Starting from the art and design of the box to the lay out of the box to game play itself everything about this game is nice.

I said earlier that we are three games in, the legacy/story element of the game runs for twelve games, but unlike other games where when you are done you’re done, once Charterstone is finished you end up with a uniquely created game board that you can carry on playing with for as long as you want. So far there hasn’t been anything in the game that is blowing the doors off of all of board games or anything, maybe something will be introduced later, but if it’s not then it’s really not a problem the game is fun and a really nice way to spend an hour or so. The legacy elements just add an extra layer of excitement for the games where they are involved.

Thats going to do it for today. Friends is on Netflix now and Sara and I are really enjoying reliving our youth watching it. Later!

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