• James Hewlett

Weekend Edition #12

I’m not going to write much today, I’m pretty happy with this weeks posts and I’m having a bit of a rest day from writing.

I had a good idea of something but I want to put a bit more work into it and take some good pictures before I actually write about it so I’ll save that one.

I’ve kept up with all my exercises this week, I’m only a week in but I do feel a difference already, its a good feeling.

After a nice lay in and exercise this morning I’ve just been doing bits around the house, laundry, dishes, tiding up, that kind of stuff. It’s nice doing something so I don’t feel lazy but not anything too strenuous. I’ve been listening to podcasts the whole time too so thats always good.

I haven’t started a book yet this year! I feel like I’m behind already, I’ve just been going back through old episodes of a show I’ve recently discovered and really like. I’ll probably start something next week.

I’ve got about an hour to kill until Sara finishes work and gets home. I think I’m going to play some Battlefront.

Happy Saturday everybody.

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