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Weekend Edition #13 - Productive Sunday

Today has been a productive Sunday for us. Sara didn’t sleep too well last night and was up quite early. I was still out of it when she got up and went for a run but after she’d got back and had a bath I started to come to. By the time I got up and downstairs she was already working on a click and collect grocery shopping order for later on. We finished that off and then built the rest of out day around that time window.

We got our xmas tree and decorations taken down, cleaned up downstairs and then put everything that we needed to up in the loft. That took the remainder of the morning and we were starting to get a little hungry. Normally in situations like this we would absolutely go to a pub in the forest for a nice Sunday lunch but we didn’t even discuss it as we’re being good and not spending that money frivolously at the moment. Instead we took some food out of the freezer and as it was defrosting played another scenario in Gloomhaven. God damn that game is so good. We failed the same scenario last night when we tried it but it was still fresh so we managed to get through it pretty decisively.

After we had lunch we had planned to dive into town and go to Ikea for a couple of little side units for either side of the sofa in the living room and a few little bits we wanted to get. I think we spent more time in traffic and getting parked than we did in the store! We definitely didn’t time it right.

From there we both wanted a beer so we went to one of our favourite craft beer bars in town, Overdraft. They always have a bunch of great beers on, I ended up getting a couple of halves as I couldn’t decide. One was a black IPA that was very nice and the other was called Lime Bomb, another IPA but much more citrusy and crisp. They were both awesome. Sara was very content as they had Longboard on draft, Kona’s larger is a favourite of both of ours and to get it on tap is pretty rare over here.

By the time we got home, built our new furniture and sat down we were both very ready to stop! I’ve currently got Sara sound asleep on me as I write this while we watch a frankly terrible wildcard round playoff game between the Bills and the Jags. I’m glad to have this and my passport renewal application to keep me occupied otherwise I’d be very board of this game!

Thats my Sunday, hope yours was good! See you tomorrow.

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