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Miniature Painting

When I was young I used to really enjoy painting and modelling the Lord of the Rings miniatures Games Workshop put out. It was fun, relaxing and creatively for-filling. I never played the game but mostly because I didn’t have anyone to play against. I also never got into any of the other Games Workshop stuff but would admire it whenever I went in to buy new paints and whatnot.

I never kept up with the hobby once I had other stuff to spend money on but always had fond memories of it.

When Sara and I started getting into board games a few years ago we both recalled our very similar history with the same miniatures line and compared stories and the techniques we could remember. After we got a couple of games that had some high quality miniatures as player pieces we decided we’d have a crack at painting them. They went okay using cheap supplies and very rusty methods but we both had a great time doing it.

When Gloomhaven arrived with even better miniatures we had to paint them! I decided to invest in some better paints and brushes as I think this hobby will extend to all the other board game miniatures we have too. I’m really trying to resist preordering the new Star Wars Legion miniatures game mostly just to have some Rebels and Stormtroopers to paint. It’s a little too much to get right now but maybe for my birthday in April someone will get it for me.

I’ve mostly finished a couple of the Gloomhaven starting characters now, they both need a little touching up and finishing off but I’m really pleased with how they’re coming along. I’ve been pretty pleased with how well I’ve remembered the layering and dry brushing techniques and I think I’m actually better with ink washes than I was back then. A few youtube tutorials helped too!

I’m really enjoying getting back into it, it’s something I can do by myself happily or Sara and I can do together when we don’t want to just sit and watch TV aimlessly.

Today was a super easy day at work, I had to kill so much time just so I didn’t finish too early. Normally I’d be all about that but I wanted to make sure that any overtime I build up in the week wasn’t going to get swallowed up by finishing too early today.

My run today was my longest yet at about 1.5km, it may not seem like much but considering its only the fourth time I’ve ran in a long long time I’m proud of myself. I’ve been steadily increasing my distances every time so we’ll see how I do on Wednesday.

Happy Monday everybody, see you tomorrow.

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