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Entry #100!!! - Who gives a fuck about an Oxford coma?

Edit: Just realised this is my 100th post! Thats a cool thing! 100 consecutive days!

Something happened today that, if anything comes of it, could lead to a massive change in my life. I am mostly writing todays blog as a time capsule so that if things do come to fruition I can look back and see that this was the day the ball started rolling. Anyone else instantly think of Indiana Jones whenever they hear that turn of phrase?

This is a lot of ifs and maybes at this stage, I debated talking about details or just leaving it vague but I figured, as this isn’t going to be a post I share to social very few people will actually bother reading it anyway so why not give details.

Sara is currently up in London for her monthly managers meeting/training/whatnot with her company. During her one on one with someone quite high up it came up that there is a vacant site in Oxford that is very likely going to be turned into a Brewhouse, similar to the one she helped launch has been running for the past year. I say running because she really is the one who gets shit done there but is technically only the deputy manager. She said that if this new one in Oxford happened that she would be very interested and we would be willing to relocate to which they apparently lit up at and were receptive.

This isn’t something she just said without consulting me first, that wouldn’t be good and I don’t recommend things like to any couple, especially married ones! No, we’ve talked in the recent past, that for the right reason and to the right location we would be willing to make a big move.

Until about a year ago the furthest in this country I would have thought I’d be willing to move would be Bournemouth. I’d take any opportunity available to get out of the UK completely but barring that I like the general area we live. I grew up in and around Southampton, its home. Don’t get me wrong, its pretty shit, but it is home. For a long time it was family and friends that would make me not want to move but as time has gone on, save for a select few, friends have all spread out around the world or are busy with their lives to the point where we barely see each other. My family is pretty similar, my mum and Paul live nearer Bournemouth than Southampton now (good for them!) my sister and family live a ways out of town and I barely see her anyway as they’re all busy and my brother and I, while being geographically very close have grown more distant over the past year. That isn’t a problem anymore, we’re both good now which is nice, but we’re definitely not as close as we used to be.

For all those reasons and more I’ve been more and more accepting of the idea of moving away. Sara loves our home and our location, but she’s never liked Southampton and would have always been willing to move for the right situation. I’m now in that same boat.

We went to Oxford for a weekend on my birthday last year, just one of those ‘lets get away for a couple of days’ types of trips, and we really liked the city! We both also really like York, but thats a bit too far north for me, they all speak funny and I don’t like gravy on every meal. Oxford is cool though.

It’s one of the places that we’d discussed being a possibility if we were to move away but we would only do it for the right situation. Sara being given her own site that she can be in control of from the ground up and from day one is that right sort of situation. I obviously would have to leave my job and find something up there but the move and her taking the job would be under the condition that I could work on the bar if needs be until I found something else so I wouldn’t be out of work. We would also need to find somewhere to live, that would be pretty major and would not being something we could just do in a weekend. Ideally we would look for somewhere to buy but Oxford isn’t cheap so it might not be feasible off the bat.

One of the biggest draws to moving there is the fact that our friends Ed an Toni are currently looking to move there too, we’ve never lived in the same town as them but they’re some of our favourite people to hang out with so going in with at least a couple of friends, who would also be newish in town, would be really nice.

All of this is still very very early days and totally speculative, Sara’s not even home yet, I got all the information about this through a couple of text messages. If anything were to come of it, it wouldn’t be until much later in the year, but it was an exciting potential first step. This has turned into more of a brain dump of my thoughts on it more than anything, but thats good I think.

So yeah, until tomorrow… live from Southampton.

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