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Dinner at Mums

I went for dinner at my mum and Paul’s this evening. Sara is at work tonight and I didn’t fancy cooking so I arranged with my mum that I’d come over after I’d finished work and been for my run.

We had a really nice pork roast, a midweek roast was definitely a pleasant surprise.

The main reason for going over there was to give them the xmas present we had forgotten to take with us on boxing day when we saw the family and took their gifts over. They were both thrilled with the tower of treats we’d bought for them and the decorative boxes they came in. Definitely a good choice.

It was nice chatting and catching up with them both, Paul and I talked about Star Wars and all the films and TV we’d been consuming and my mum and I talked about what was going on in our lives and stuff. I mentioned the exciting possible news from yesterday but I couldn’t quite get a read on the reaction to that. I think she was mostly proud of us being open to potential new things but didn’t seem particularly excited, hopefully thats just because I was reiterating the fact that it is all very much non-news as it stands.

We tried to play a music quiz game that my sister had given them for xmas to very marginal success, but we had fun with it while we played. It went a little better when I took control of the cards and vetted them first pulling out all the ones they would have absolutely no chance of guessing.

It’s always nice roughhousing with the dogs over there too, Dexter is such a loveable dope and he loves playing with me, he’s great fun.

I had a good bunch of inspiration for some posts today while I was driving around. I’ve made a note of them all so I don’t forget. I’m not going to run with them every day for the next however long, I’ll space them out, but it was nice knowing that in a pinch I can look at that list and pull something to write about.

My run today felt harder than Monday and last Fridays. Not sure what thats all about. I did set a new calories burned record for it though, so that’s something.

Oh before I go it’s worth noting that I’ve been on a new music kick this week, discovering lots of cool new stuff. There will be more on that at a later date though, probably this weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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