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Workout Motivation

Today was the first day since I started my new work out regiment that it was tricky to get going.

Normally I would do my run or core exercises immediately after getting home from work before I sit, chill out, have anything to eat or do anything else. Its a system that works great for me. The trouble came today because yesterday, during the day, Sara had been using the spare room (which doubles as both her studio space and where I’ve been doing my indoor work outs) for a bunch of printing and design work. As she was leaving for work she asked that I not disturb it as some things still needed finishing off. It wasn’t a problem yesterday as I was on a run day, the problem came today as Sara was on a close last night and an open this morning so the few hours she was home she was understandably asleep! We left for work at the same time this morning but I finished before her and couldn’t get to the space in that room to do my exercises, I didn’t really think using a cold hard wood floor downstairs would be very comfy so I waited until Sara got home. By that time I had played some video games and stuff though and when she got home she was pooped and just wanted to sit. Luckily she realised that she was soon going to be asleep and cleared me some space before passing out so I was able to go work out but my motivation wasn’t exactly there. Thats when the discipline factor had to kick in to make sure I didn’t miss a day!

With that out of the way I’m free to have a nice relaxed evening. I have a feeling there will be snoozes.


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