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Rogue Podron

Since xmas week I’ve been listening to a new podcast… a lot! I say new, but they started in 2016, it’s just new to me.

The show is Rogue Podron and if you didn’t guess from the name is very very specific, nerdy and to my taste! It’s a Star Wars podcast but just about the X-Wing series of books from the mid to late nineties.

I discovered the show via twitter, one of the people I follow, the host of another podcast in fact, retweeted something funny from one of the hosts of Rogue Podron and I followed a link to the show from that. The subject matter instantly had me, I love that series of books and they are a big reason I have such an affection for some of the minor characters that I do. I saw that there was a lot of episodes to go back through so figured I would listen to the first couple and if I liked the show then I would jump to the most recent and listen as they’re released.

Five episodes in I knew I was doomed and would be listening to every episode!

The format is of the show is simple. Every episode the four co-hosts discuss that weeks chapters of the book in there series they’re up to. One of them has read the books before and is well versed in the Star Wars EU, the other three all have various EU knowledge but have never read any of the X-Wing books.

I usually find four to be the top end number of hosts for a cohesive podcast but thankfully these four girls and guys have a great, fun and natural chemistry that it does that magical thing and makes you feel like part of the conversation. I think it definitely helps that I have previously read these books and am thinking about the conversation along with them, I’m not sure it would be the ideal way to get the gist of the stories otherwise.

Within a few episodes there are a ton of in-jokes and then the dramatic readings of scenes from the books start up and are always gold.

I’m now about half way through listening to the back episodes, I’m looking forward to being caught up.

Its a super specific podcast that is only going to appeal to a real small subsection of the Star Wars fandom but I fall right into the middle of it and am really enjoying the show, if any of the hosts happen to read this, keep up the great work guys. Thanks!

Todays post is pretty much just a plug for that show. Not sure what I’m going to do for tomorrows yet but I’m working on something for Sunday, it might not end up being a particularly long post but its something I’m excited about and am looking forward to sharing with more people.

Catch you later.

Pash, out!

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