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Weekend Edition #14

I’ve had a pretty lazy, relaxed day today. Sara is working tonight so she was around during the day, its normally the opposite on a Saturday. It worked well, I’m happy to hang out and watch the divisional round of the NFL playoffs tonight and during the day we got to chill and not do a lot together. It was nice. She’d been working late last night and I ended up staying up playing video games, chatting to my friend George who’s halfway around the world and drinking rum until the she got home so we were both grateful for a lie-in. We ended up just hanging out on the sofa watching friends and being alternately used as beds for Romes and watching Friends on Netflix.

His actual name is Romeo, but if Cheech Marin’s character in Tin Cup taught me anything it’s that shortening/colloquialising that name makes it infinitely cooler. He’s the neighbours cat who loves us and if we ever caved and fed him would basically be our cat, he comes up enough that I’m just going to start referring to him by name, people who don’t read todays blog will just have to figure it out through context.

How could I move when this is on me...

We did eventually move and do something productive in cleaning the kitchen. We still have so much stuff left over from xmas, chocolate, candy, cake, all terrible stuff for someone trying to get healthy but you can get fucked if you think we’re going to waste it. So we’re slowing getting through all that. Once its gone I’ll really start with the eating healthy part of my weight loss but in the meantime the exercise is going well. I did a slightly different run route yesterday and I think it was a little shorter but I made up for it with extra core exercises today. I’m not over doing it and burning myself out. I’m just making it part of my daily routine and slowly building it up. I think that is the best way, for me at least, to keep at it. I do feel, even if it is just mentally, better for doing it.

Haha, so through the course of writing this post I’ve been messaging the fantasy football league and Jack, one of the new additions for this year, who lives in Oxford, is now looking at hopping on a train to Southampton just to hang out with me at Sara’s pub tonight while the games are on… I’m going to wrap this up now as I might be going out too. Didn’t expect that to happen tonight!

Tonight might get random.

See ya tomorrow with exciting plans regarding a potential return to the land of DJing!

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