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Beers and Octopus Tacos

I was going to write today about a new gig I’ve come up with an still want to make happen. Unfortunately I ran into a little bit of a snag with it while I was trying some things out last night, so I’m still working it and am not quite ready to talk about it yet. I’ll write about what went wrong in the week instead.

We went up to Winchester today to go to the new site of one of our favourite bars in town. They’ve got a slightly bigger spot there and a small kitchen so instead of just doing good beers they are doing some really awesome tacos as well.

I’d seen on facebook last night that they had a new special on today so Sara and I said fuck it and decided to go there for lunch.

Oh man, octopus tacos and fresh crab tacos, that was exactly what I wanted today. Everything was super fresh, spiced to perfection and really really tasty. Eating that, while drinking some excellent craft beers really bought back memories of Hawaii. I couldn’t decided what to drink so I just got a flight of three. I had a lime IPA, a blonde ale and a rye beer. They were all really nice. The IPA I’d had last week and was really crisp. The rye beer had a good smokey after taste but wasn’t a heavy or hard beer. The blonde ale was my least favourite of the three but was still very nice.

I think we’ll be going back there whenever we can give ourselves an excuse to.

We had a little wander around Winchester after that but were ready to head home. Played a game of Charterstone and are now watching the Jags beat the Steelers 21-0 so far! So strange.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Hopefully you are too!

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