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New House, Not Ours

We went round to see Jon & Maggie’s new house this evening after I got home from work and went for my run.

It’s weird that they don’t live super close by anymore, since we moved in here in 2013 they’ve always been literally about a hundred meters away. They decided to downsize though to a place that is much more sensible and better fits their needs. They’re still close, only about ten minutes away, but it was strange having to drive round as opposed to just strolling over.

The new house is really nice, it is a lot cosier that their old place and its coming together quickly considering they’ve only been in less than a week. I guess Jon’s OCD has actually had a benefit in that regard. There is a lot of potential for more in there too, the loft is half converted already and could easily be an extra room without too much effort.

I was most impressed with Jon’s cave in what was once a garage. He’s got (almost) all his gym equipment in the back and in the front he has a proper man cave set up going on. It’s a really great idea as he can finally work out in the gym whenever or be up late watching NFL or wrestling without having to disturb Maggie, the dogs or the neighbours.

They’re saving a ton of money by moving to a smaller place too. It’s honestly the sort of house that we would have been all over had we been in a position to do so.

I’m really happy for them. Obviously there is moving stress and that is coupled with downsizing stress too, but they’re also really happy with it and excited. I hope that a fresh start in a new place is exactly what they both need in order to get themselves to a happier, more mentally stable place.

Thats it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow though, why don’t you come back and see what nonsense I have to say then?

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