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Week Three Workouts

This is my third week of being active and exercising daily now and I’ve not skipped a day yet.

To keep it fresh I’ve started to mix it up a little bit this week, I’ve changed my run route slightly extending it a small amount, I’m planning on adding a little to it each time. That is still every other day and starting today instead of just doing an open goal core work out for a set time like I have been doing, I’ve started a 0-200 sit ups challenge. Every day of the work out I’m given an number of reps in a small amount of sets and they increase with each work out with the goal being at the end of the programme I’ll be doing a full two hundred sit ups in the session. It’s pretty cool. It’s not as varied as the other exercise programme I was doing which included a few different things to help me tone my gut but I feel good about it. It has built in rest days do so I’m going to fill those with the open work outs.

It has been a couple of weeks and while I can’t particularly see a difference yet, I can certainly feel it. We still have a lot of junk to get through but we’ve not been buying any more and I’m making more of an effort to eat a little better. I’m looking forward to going on holiday later in the year and not looking at pictures afterward thinking about my middle chunk.

It was a gloomy day today...

Not really a whole lot else to talk about today. I’ll try and put some more effort into a good post later in the week. I think I might watch a movie or something now though so I’ll catch you later.

Hmm, I should shave.

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