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Remember That Song?

Today has been a mixed bag. I had a pretty shitty day at work, which is rare so when it does happen it gets to me and winds me up. I said fuck it on my way home and swung by the shop to grab a couple of beers, Sara’s on an AFD today so I figured Mr Pistonhead can keep me company instead.

The other thing that annoyed me was that when I got home I went to start doing my exercises and the area around both my hips started really aching. I figured it was probably a good thing, the muscles and stuff are all getting a lot more work out than they have in a while but it was the first time I’ve had that and not the good feeling tightening around my stomach that I’ve gotten used to and welcome. I powered through it though and it isn’t a lingering pain so we’ll see how it is tomorrow. I don’t think it would have annoyed me at all if I hadn’t already had my mood soured. I sure am looking forward to two weeks off after tomorrow!

The fun and good thing about today is way more entertaining, I just wanted to get that shit off my chest.

You ever get a song stuck in your head but you can’t actually figure out what the song is? I’m sure you have, we all get it from time to time. Normally it is a really momentary thing for me. I’ve got a pretty encyclopaedic memory for that sort of thing from a decade plus of DJing. Especially a song I clearly know and like enough to have it stuck in my head… for three days!

Not this time though. No, this time I had the melody of the chorus stuck in my head at first. I couldn’t remember any of the actual words but I could sing it in my head and hum it out loud enough that it would be recognisable. If I stopped thinking about it for a while then popped it back into my head intentionally it would feel like I had it on the tip of my tongue.

I searched around the artists page on my iTunes of a few bands that I thought it could possibly be but even when I was looking at them I knew it wasn’t right. It wasn’t a song or a band I ever loved or listened to a whole lot but it was catchy and I did like it. It was a popular song for a while at one of my gigs about ten years ago. I had a rough genre. All these were clues that were not helpful at all in my quest to remember this song. I went to sleep humming this one bit of it that I could remember and it started annoying Sara too as she recognised it but couldn’t place it.

While I was in the shower this morning I got a little bit more of it. There was a slow bass line that ran through most of the track and into the faster louder chorus, I could hum that too and even place where the lyrics came in and I had a rough tune for them but nothing concrete. That led me to checking a few other bands as potential but with no confidence it was any of them. I would know it when I saw it and I wouldn’t even need to listen to it to check.

Cut to this afternoon and I started trying to place it on a CD. I knew I didn’t have the album it was from, it was on a compilation I’d burned for work way back when. I could visualise where it was in the CD wallet, I’m getting close now I can feel it! I started picturing the track list label I’d printed out for it. There wasn’t many tracks on that disc, maybe six or eight. I then started being able to get the structure of the song title, ‘herm mm nmm hmmnmhm’. Closer! Then it hit me, one word, one word was all it took to solve the mystery. Prayer. I didn’t know the rest of the title but I knew Prayer was the first word and it fit in that structure. It was easy to find once I put Prayer into my iTunes search and scrolled a little. There it was. The song I’d had stuck in my head. I text Sara to say I’d found it before even listening to it. I knew it was the right one straight away.

It was such a rewarding feeling piecing it all together in my head and getting there. It was like a puzzle that had taken me a few days to figure out and I’d had to do it all in my own head.

Along the way I found a few old tracks I hadn’t listened to in years and have now added them to my annual playlist. This one was a no brainer, even if I listened to it once and thought, ya know what, I’m not a huge fan of it, it would have still earned a spot on the list.

I like the song, its not the best thing in the world but it is pretty good.

And now, incase you haven’t got there on your own already I present to you the song stuck in my head… Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against.

(that dude looks like Kenny Omega in portrait, not so much when you see him head on and in the light and realise he has way less hair)

See you tomorrow everybody.

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