• James Hewlett

Cakey Beer

Yeah so I got nothing tonight.

I got home from work, went for my run and then went to town to meet Sara as she finished work so we could grab a beer instead of just falling asleep on the sofa straight away.

She’s been able to get Longboard in recently, it’s not my favourite Kona beer but it has been a while since I had it so I was eager to have one. It went down far too easily. Second one did too.

By then Sara had finished work and her beer and we were both ready to head home. I popped round to Brewdog to grab a few beers to take home and was pleasantly surprised to see they still had a couple of the super limited edition collaboration they did with Omnipollo. I picked one of them up along with a couple of others…

Brewdog’s new headliner, Indie Pale Ale which is replacing their larger Kingpin for 2018 is fine, it really isn’t anything special though. I can see why they’re putting it in the slot they usually had for the larger though, it is very accessible.

Good Things Brewing Co - East Coast IPA is very nice. I’m a little more tipsy now so I can’t give a proper description but I really liked it and I like the things that they stand for as a company so was happy to contribute.

Onmipollo X Brewdog - I Wanna Be Your Dog is a barrel aged imperial stout. Thats a hell of a mouthful and at 12% a mouthful is quite a lot! I don’t mind them, but I don’t normally choose a stout over other beers. I always try and check out limited edition stuff though, FOMO and that.

This beer tastes like cake! Literally from cracking open the can it has such a strong, chocolatey, caramel, vanilla smell. When you take a sip it is definitely a strong, dark beer but it really does taste like if you could thicken it up and bake it it would turn into a delicious brownie.

That is literally all I’ve got for tonight… Consistency though huh? I’m not missing a day. I’m also not sharing this one anywhere so if it gets three views I’ll be amazed! Better stuff tomorrow, I promise… probably. BYE!

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