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Two Weeks of Games

So I’ve got some time off and I don’t have plans for a lot of the time. This is the first time that has been the case in a long time. At least a couple of years.

Normally Sara and I will plan out time off together and will try and go away somewhere or be doing specific things during that time. I thought I had used all of my 2017 holiday days but it turns out I had a bunch left. I ended up having these two weeks assigned to me as there were too many people with time still to take and they just needed to squeeze it in where they could. Suits me fine.

Sara has been able to get about a week of it off in the middle which is nice, I think we’ll be going up to York for a couple of days to see her parents and to just have a little bit of a get away. We’re hoping that Ed & Toni are either able to come visit or us go to them so we can get some more Gloomhaven going. We’ve also got the big Super Bowl party at the Brew House, which should be great. Last year it was a lot of fun and this year should be even bigger. We’ve got two hundred or so booked in for it already! It’ll be nice not having to get up for work just a couple of hours after it finishes. I’ll be able to drink during it too! Because I won’t be at work the next day I’m also going to stay up to watch the Royal Rumble live for the first time in a few years. That’s next Sunday.

So basically the weekends all have stuff going on but during the week there isn’t too much planned. I think both Sara and I are looking forward to using the time we have off together to get some creative stuff done; I plan on writing a lot more and getting a bank of posted stored away again, Sara wants to get another screen print designed and produced as well as work on her website and personal business stuff and we both want to do some crafty bits and pieces together.

The days I have off by myself are pretty much free at this point though and I’ve decided I’m going to play a bunch of new video games. Not so much big triple A titles, smaller stuff that I’ve missed over the past couple of years.

I started playing a little bit of Life is Strange and Firewatch today and I have Inside, The Witness, Hotline Miami all ready to go, along with Stardew Valley. So be sure to look for my thoughts on those games coming soon. I may even capture and edit some footage to have bit of a play with that.

My new running headphones

Along with trying to do a bit extra exercise as I’ll have more time, I think that will keep me busy for my next two weeks, but you can always check back every day to see exactly what else I’ve been up to!

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