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NFL Championship Weekend

It is championship weekend in the NFL, in a couple of hours the AFC Championship game kicks off with the Jacksonville Jaguars, yep thats not a joke, take on the New England Patriots who are in their seventh consecutive championship game. After that in the NFC Championship the Philadelphia Eagles host the Minnesota Vikings with both teams being led by back up quarterbacks.

The Vikings are in a really unique situation this year as if they win and progress to the Super Bowl they will be the only team to play in their home stadium in the big game in the modern era of football.

Usually when fantasy season is over our league chat starts to get quieter but this year it really hasn’t. Jack in particular has been a lunatic, its been great fun.

I don’t really have anything else to write about today as we’re about to head to the bar to meet up with half the league. This post has really just been more of a time capsule than anything else.

My predictions:

Pats 24 - Jags 17

Vikings 31 - Eagles 24


I was wrong... fucking Pats.

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