• James Hewlett

Fudge and Beers

So today we had the long drive back from York, we left Sara’s parents at lunchtime and popped into town before heading home. We picked up the beers we wanted last night but obviously everything else was closed when we were there then.

I’ve talked up this one fudge shop to my mum a few times whenever we’ve been up in the past and promised to get her some next time. Obviously that meant I wanted some too and Sara didn’t want to be left out. We made our selections and then were informed that for £2.50 we could effectively double the amount that we got so we carried on choosing more delicious hand made fudge!

We were very sensible when we went into Travelling Man and didn’t buy the super cool Mondo Posters compendium sized book or any of the awesome new board games we saw in there. We did add them to our wish lists though!

We weren’t so restraint last night with beers…. We have a great selection and other than Hanalei IPA from Kona which we both wanted, we made a point to not double up on brews or breweries. We made a slight exception with Cloudwater because I wanted a special edition one of theirs and Sara wanted a collaboration with another brewery, so we said that was good enough!

Long drive home this afternoon but we did both go for a run when we got back. No skipped days!

I’ll be back to normal tomorrow hopefully.

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