• James Hewlett

Down Time

So I’m at the end of the first of my two weeks off and it has been really nice. This will have been the longest time off I’ve had since our honeymoon in August 2016.

Sara has been off since Wednesday too and the first couple of days we were busy but yesterday and today we’ve had that thing of both being off, not having anything specific planned and just being able to do what we want whenever. We’re so used to only having a couple of days off together a week that we do stuff together as much as possible when we can and we get on with our own stuff when the other isn’t around.

Today for instance, Sara has been printing and mounting some already finished prints while I’ve played some video games and worked on other projects. We both have an almost guilty feeling of being boring and not doing stuff with each other despite most of the time being in the same room but we’ve carried on and it has been quite nice to be able to do our own stuff while the other does the same. We’re not under any time limits or anything either so we can stop and start at will. It’s pretty great.

It’s also helpful in terms of saving money, we haven’t even left the house today and certainly haven’t spent anything.

We’ve got a few plans for things we want to do before Sara goes back to work on Thursday, but while usually midweek we have enough time to maybe do one thing a day because of work, we have plenty of time now to do whatever we want.

It’s important to take some time to just hang out and enjoy the time off sometimes I think.

I’m going to wrap this post up with that and start working on something a bit more in depth and on a particular topic for either tomorrow or early next week. Later.

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