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War of the Ring

Todays been pretty cool in a very relaxed and nerdy way. Sara went for a run this morning and so I took the opportunity to watch some of the NXT Takeover wrestling event from last night.

We then got on with a few sensible bits and bobs around the house including giving the fish tank a good clean out.

After that we went for an awesome Sunday lunch at a pub Sara used work at; trio of roasts… amazing!

This afternoon has been really fun, after Sara had a short nap we decided to finally bust out War of the Ring, a board game I bought for Sara/us for xmas. We’d been holding off on cracking it open as it’s a big game that is pretty time consuming, first time round especially.

We’ve gotten pretty good at learning complicated new games but still things like Star Wars Rebellion, Robinson Crusoe or Gloomhaven are time consuming enough that they don’t make it to the table all the time.

War of the Ring is, obviously, a Lord of the Rings themed game where one player takes on the role of the ‘free peoples’ and the Fellowship of the Ring and the other player acts as the forces of darkness controlling the armies of Sauron, Saruman and the Southrons/Easterlings.

The game is quite asymmetrical in terms of how each player wins. The ‘good guys’ are trying to move the fellowship, mostly in secret, across the map to destroy the ring while defending strongholds and distracting the the armies of the enemy. Meanwhile the ‘bad guys’ are trying to conquer as much of the map as possible and hopefully discover the location of the ring bearers.

The rules were surprisingly simple to get our heads around. It might be because we play a lot of games or it might just be a surprisingly cohesive rule book. It is still a time consuming game though, we must have been playing for at least four hours and we didn’t even finish, but that said we had a lot of stopping and checking of this or that while learning to play and setting up. I’d say that now we know what we’re doing better we could probably get through in a couple of hours.

Now I’m just killing time waiting for the Royal Rumble to start. It’s going to be a late night but hopefully it should be fun!

We are really cool and not at all special people.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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