• James Hewlett

Imperial Restorations

For a while now we’ve been planning on going over to my grandma’s and getting a few of my old Star Wars toys out of her shed in order to clean them up and bust them down again.

We took all the action figures out a while ago, back before we got married, packed them up and sold them to a friend of mine, but there was a few large vehicles that were still in there collecting dust, leaves and other assorted grime.

None of them are in particularly great condition and not really worth much so instead Sara and I have decided to turn them into more distressed, wrecked versions of the vehicles and build up a bit of scenery around them.

The first job has been to clean them up and make them actually make them workable. It’s amazing what some warm soapy water has been able to do. Theres some discolouration, but thats to be expected on toys are are over forty years old, but other than that they’ve scrubbed up really well!

I didn’t want to be precious about any of the stickers or anything on them, so scrubbing away wasn’t a problem. The plan is to repaint and add more detail to them anyway.

We then had to decide where we wanted to set them. Did we want to do the classic crashed AT-AT on Hoth? What about turning it into Rey’s house on Jakku? As it is still standing and in pretty good condition we decided to keep it upright and only do a partial destruction of it and have it as an abandoned wreck on Endor, possibly with some Ewok structures build onto and around the imperial walker. Sara is dead set on turning the AT-ST into the one BB-8 hijacks in The Last Jedi.

I’ll try and remember to take pictures as we go but at the moment you’ll have to settle for a before and after of them when we cleaned them.

See you tomorrow.

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