• James Hewlett

Better Late Than Never

Okay okay, this has gone up a day late. Sorry.

Yesterday evening got away from us again. I thought I’d have time to write a quick post but by the time I remembered we were already on our way to bed.

I have a reminder set to tell me to “write something, stupid” every evening at six but it just happens that at that time I was sat in a dentists chair and couldn’t exactly do anything about it. By the time I got home be had to go straight over to my mum and Paul’s for dinner and again, the reminder got ignored.

I should really have written something earlier in the day but Sara and I were enjoying being crafty and having fun on the last of her days off that I put it off.

Done now though, and look, I managed to frame what would have been a boring update into an apologetic excuse!

I’ll be getting back to writing more today, Sara’s back at work and I definitely need something to keep me busy. I’m waiting for our grocery delivery and then I’m going to write stuff. So there will be another blog up today despite the fact that I’m back dating this one to yesterday. Confused? Good.

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