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So I was teasing it a while ago when it was looking like it might actually happen but now that it is back to just being something I would like to do I feel like I should talk about it a bit more.

I haven’t been DJing regularly for three years now, I’ve done odd gigs here and there but for the most part it isn’t something I consider myself doing anymore.

I don’t miss it either. I had an opportunity to take on a new residency every Saturday night recently and I turned it down. It payed okay, the venue seems pretty cool and the music was something I could do blindfolded but after thinking about it, there was nothing about the gig that excited me at all. I would have been taking it just for the money and I would have ended up getting really bored of it really quick and then it wouldn’t have been fun. That job is something you really have to enjoy doing and want to be doing each and every gig, it’s the only way you can stay sane and put on a good show. The one offs I do these days are like that, I have a blast and I really feel like they have been some of my best nights ever.

A little while ago I was listening to some new music and really enjoying it. It was all very chilled out, electronica, synthy sort of stuff. A bit eighties throwback in places, but also just really cool.

I started thinking about how cool it would be to do a late afternoon/early evening gig outside on summer evenings playing this sort of stuff. There’s nothing like that in Southampton and I think it would really work. It would have to be the right kind of bar with the right kind of outside area. It’s not the sort of thing that would work in a classic pub garden. A couple of places came to mind though, there is the rooftop bar at Revs, but they rarely open that up and to be honest I wouldn’t want to work in a chain place like that and have to jump through what they wanted. If I was to do this I would want full autonomy to do what I wanted to do with it. The other option was the courtyard of another bar in town. It still might happen so I don’t want to talk about the place too much but the outside area there would be pretty perfect for this kind of gig.

I envision starting at around six in the evening and playing until nine thirty, ten o’clock ish. Just after it has got properly dark. It would all be laid back music with synth, electronica and some chilled dance music, mixed with some more guitar based stuff that fit in as well. I’ve got a shit load of cool stuff that I’d love to play.

Sunday afternoons in the summer would be perfect for it too, people are going to be out and about enjoying the nicer weather and the longer nights but still leaving fairly early as the new week starts the next day.

Some subtle lights would add to it but really wouldn’t be essential. If the garden was lit by some colourful fairy lights or something as it gets darker that would be plenty.

The other option, failing the perfect venue with outdoor space, would be to do it in a cool bar that has a good atmosphere. It shouldn’t have a dance floor or be nightcluby in any way, I actually think a small bar would be better but the right lager one would work fine too.

I would like to do it weekly through the summer and if it remains popular maybe do it every couple of weeks or monthly the rest of the year in a more indoor space and.

I can even envision the poster advertising it now. It completely apes a lot of other designs in that style with a lot of neon, palm trees and a lined neon sun on the horizon. Hell, I’d even take the name of a popular subreddit and call the night ‘Outrun’ and have that in a very eighties font. It’s not the most original idea, but it works!

I hope that I am able to make this work, but it really does need to be in the right sort of venue so if that doesn’t come up then I’m not going to pursue it elsewhere.

Thats it for day. I hope you come back tomorrow!

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