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Super Bowl Sunday

Buh da da dum DANAH DANAH DANAH.

It is Super Bowl Sunday! In just a few hours time the Philadelphia Eagles will hope to upset the New England Patriots and get their very first Super Bowl victory.

I can’t say I give two shits about either team but it is going to be historic either way.

If the Eagles win, it’ll be their first and thats pretty remarkable considering they’re one of the oldest teams in the league and it was the Pats that denied them that victory over a decade ago. They’ll have to do so with back up quartback Nick Foles under centre though as their starting QB, Carson Wentz torn his ACL at the end of the regular season after having a lights out year up to that point. The Eagles still have a great defence and plenty of weapons though, so if Foles can play like he did in the NFC Championship game they have a very real shot.

For the Patriots it is a different story. A win today would be their sixth and all of them coming in the Brady/Belichick era and would quiet any sensible doubters of them being the best quarterback/head coach combo in history. They have been able to rotate an amazing number of players through that system in the years they have been winning and this year is no different. It is incredible to see seemingly no bodies or washouts from other teams come on to the field for New England and suddenly become incredible. For Tom Brady, time doesn’t seem to effect him the way it does regular humans. Th guy is already the oldest QB to win a Super Bowl and that was a year ago. He is playing better at 41 than he did at 29. It’s remarkable. I can’t stand the man.

It should be a fun night at Sara’s bar. It should be pretty packed based on the reservations and interest online. Over half our fantasy league will be there and no doubt we’ll be getting constant chatter from the others. The friends from the bar will all be out in force as well so we should have a good group.

Though I don’t really have a dog in the fight I am looking forward to the game and seeing the outcome. My brother is a huge Eagles fan, so despite the fact that we don’t talk about football whatsoever anymore, I’ll be happy for him if they win. I’ll also be happy because if they do, Bart, the head chef at the bar and big Pats fan, is getting his head shaved by another member of staff.

I’m also really looking forward to not having to get up for work just two hours after the game finishes like I’ve done the past few years… I was able to tack tomorrow on to the end of my holiday time so I think a nice long lay in tomorrow will be happening for me and Sara.

As they have done for the past few years the (US) TV commercials went up online a couple of days ago and so while I’ve watched them already I am looking forward to the movie trailers. Especially if my inside source is correct and the Han Solo trailer drops. I may have to excuse myself to somewhere quiet to watch that if it does.

Justin Timberlake is performing the halftime show tonight, he’s bound to put on a good show. I’m very hesitant to be excited about the rumours of a Prince hologram performance though. On the one hand, Prince playing the halftime show again would be great, his performance in ’07 when the Colts won was incredible and this time the Super Bowl is in his home town of Minneapolis and the stadium is going to be drenched in purple. On the other hand, when asked about holographic performances of dead musicians he described the practice as one of the most demonic things imaginable. I already felt uncomfortable hearing his music in films he isn’t involved with as that alone was something he was against but since his death the estate has started allowing. It all feels like it is against what he would want. We’ll see. It’ll probably happen and be awesome and then feel awkward.

Right, on that note I am going to go get my jersey on and order and Uber. There’s no way I’m driving tonight!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody.

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