• James Hewlett

Sleepy Monday

Oh man to day has been laaaazy. It’s felt kind of great. We’ve barely left the sofa and have been quite content being quiet and watching TV. It was needed after a very late night last night.

The Super Bowl party was great. The few tables they had specifically left unreserved to be filled on a first come first served basis were taken by eight thirty and the whole bar was full by ten! Pretty impressive for an event that ran from eleven thirty til five am this morning!

We invited a guy who was by himself to join us as he seemed enthusiastic but lonely. He ended up being a great laugh and fit in well. It was nice having an Eagles fan with our group as we already had a Pats fan.

What a game! It was tense and exciting throughout. Rutter and I were calling the plays before they were happening in the second half and it looked like the Patriots were going to get another come back win but an amazing strip fumble and recovery by the Philly defence set them up for a victory but it came round down to the wire.

I’d write more, like how Justin Timberlake killed it at half time but I’m tired and have to go back to work tomorrow so I’m going to probably doze off on the sofa will we watch Lord of the Rings.

Come back tomorrow, I’ll probably be doing a trailer breakdown of Solo.

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