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Solo - A Star Wars Trailer

So we finally got our first official look at the Han Solo movie this weekend. During the Super Bowl a forty five second teaser spot dropped and gave us our first look in side the Millennium Falcon years before Luke and Ben board the ‘piece of junk’ in Mos Eisley.

We also got a full teaser trailer yesterday so I’m going to loosely run through both. They share a lot of footage but also have unique shots. I’m not going to go into any production stuff, simply sticking to what we see on screen.

I doubt Corellia will look like it did in Legends, especially as I watched some of the speeder chase be filmed twenty mins down the road and Fawley Refinery does not look like this, but I can hope!

The trailers give us a look at a young Han on what I can only hope and assume is Corellia. He appears to be a street rat looking to join the Imperial academy and boldly claims that he’s “going to be a pilot… best in the galaxy.”

Based on footage from the trailers it looks like we are going to be covering a decent portion of time with this film. I’m happy about that, seeing him get kicked out of the academy, free Chewie, meet Lando, win the Falcon and make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs all in the span of one movie is already a lot, to have it happen over a short amount of time would just be silly.

We see Solo and Qi’ra racing through the streets away from Imperials. Han’s speeder is sporting his gold dice he later hangs in the Falcon. It seems these characters go back a ways and by the time the time she gets involved in the plot later the two have taken some different paths.

Han describes being kicked out of the flight academy for having a mind of his own and he sounds quite bitter about it. I’m curious who he’s talking to here and if this also involves freeing and befriending Chewie or if that will happen separately.

We also get a look at the classic YT-1300 itself. The ship looks pristine inside and the panelling and extra cargo space certainly show the ship had gone through some rough times while in Han’s custody. Maybe all that wear and tear was part of the ‘special modifications’ he made himself.

I think we’re going to see the ship change hands a couple of times though. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it belongs to Qi’ra when we first see it only for her to lose it or leave it to Lando.

I believe the scene we see of Han approaching the future operator of Cloud City to be the infamous wager which sees Han winning the ship. Whether they stick to the legends and have them playing Sabacc or if it is something more visually exciting like for instance the Kessel run, remains to be seen.

The other side characters introduced are Beckett who seems to be a scoundrel type that sees potential in Solo and wants him to join the crew he’s putting together for a job. We get flashes of some of the rest of the crew but no real information. The droid character seems like it’ll have a lot of screen time and definitely shares scenes with both Qi’ra and Lando.

Speaking of Lando, dude looks just a cool as you would hope, he’s seen in different shots sporting a big furry coat, a fly yellow shirt and though I didn’t see a cape, I would be shocked if he’s not in one at some point.

The ‘job’ that Beckett is setting appears to be a train robbery of sorts. The current speculation is that the cold planet we see is in fact Kessel, notorious spice mine and slave labor camp. This could well be where we meet Chewbacca as he is seen on the planet with Han and Beckett.

The villain of the film still remains a mystery but he’s certainly sporting a wild and cool looking getup and seems to have a crew of his own with him. Are these rivals? Will we know any of them? I have no idea but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Theres a flash of the armour and weapon that Lando is wearing as a disguise in ROTJ too, I’m not sure if that means that is Lando himself or the original owner of that costume.

There is a lot of rumours of a trip to Tattooine and potential cameos/scenes with Jabba and Boba Fett. I feel like that would be an ideal time for that costume to crop up.

It is great to finally see footage and to get confirmation on characters. Until now I’ve had to rely on visual descriptions by a friend on the edit team and from leaked lego set images!

The film looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I think the actors filling classic roles all seem to be hitting the mark. The more I watch Alden in these trailers the more I think he’s doing a good job as Han. Donald Glover was inspired casting and every mannerism seen in the brief trailers is perfect.

There are some incredible shots too, the highlight absolutely being the Falcon fleeing toward camera as a Star Destroyer is circled in cloud and illuminated by lightning behind it giving chase. Some fancy flying gets our heroes out of trouble, briefly.

May can’t come soon enough!

Theres some breaking Star Wars news happening right now. Gotta go, I’ll see if its worth writing up tomorrow.

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