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Quick Hits #8

I still don’t feel great today, but I should write something, so I’m just going to do a quick hits.

I saw this dope ass Pontiac Firebird today!

Josh McDaniels can suck big fat dick. Stay with the Patriots, fine, don’t string us along while lots of other coaches are getting snapped up only to accept the job, let it be officially announced and then back out twenty four hours later. Shitty shitty move dude. The Colts franchise was already hurting over the weekend due to the loss of a player, he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. We didn’t need to be starting a head coach search from scratch this late.

I can only presume the Patriots ownership have told him he’ll be replacing Belachick when he retires. I really hope they flounder for a couple of years now and they back out of that and no other team wants to touch him because of this lack of integrity. I never liked the Patriots but I had respect for them. Fuck that, burn them to ground.

Wiess and Benioff and making a series of Star Wars movies. Cool, I understand the skepticism but I think they could probably do a good job, they’re on as writers and producers so we might get some interesting directors, or they might do it themselves. Obviously my dream would for it to be a Rogue Squadron series either set during the original trilogy or during the New Republic era between Jedi and TFA. If these films are going to be splitting up Rian Johnson’s trilogy then I feel like some familiar visuals would be good as I don’t think Rian wants to do much of that.

Today is the first day I’ve skipped an exercise so far this year. I give myself Sundays off, but today was due to be a run day and feeling as grotty as I do, I did not want to push myself from getting off the sofa when at all possible. Last night I could barely move, I sent Sara a message saying I was going to bed at like, nine but when she got home at eleven I was still on the sofa barely conscious. I really don’t think it was safe for me to go to work this morning, I was dizzy, could barely walk straight and quite delirious after a terribly broken nights sleep, but I did and thankfully I did feel a little better as the day went on. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same then I can really focus on getting better over the weekend.

Man, I look great.

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