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Deep Cuts

It’s amazing to me how feeling ill drains me of all motivation to write.

I’ve been feeling better again today, still not well but better. Despite that, I put off writing today until my reminder told me so. Then I snoozed it. Then I took a bath because I didn’t want to and I’ve generally just groaned at writing today. I have no thoughts or interesting insights to write about as my mind has been kind of blank for a couple of days.

So blank in fact that that I was at a customer today and it wasn’t until I went to get their receipt that I noticed my right hand was covered in blood! There was quite a lot. I hadn’t noticed and still have no idea how, but I managed to cut my finger pretty badly, it was a fairly deep slice was a gouged out bit at one end. Thankfully my van has a stocked first aid kit so I was able to disinfect my hand and strap up my finger. I took the coverings off while I was in the tub and am pretty pleased by the amount it’s holding together. It should be fine and leave a decent little scar.

I swear I’ve gone from having no scars on my hands to… one, two, three… this will be my fifth since starting this job a bit over three years ago! Any one would think it was some kind of fight club.

I’m really enjoying my Apple Music subscription, it has given me easy access to things I wouldn’t have bought but am really enjoying, entire genres to be honest but I wanted to highlight a couple of things today.

First up is the tenth anniversary edition of The Postal Service sole album Give Up. This edition itself is four years and change old at this point and really not doing anything to make me think “Holy shit Give Up is going to be fifteen years old this year… I’m so old.” I’ve loved this album since its initial release and think helps them stands up as one of the best single album bands ever.

The anniversary edition has a whole second ‘disc’ full of b-sides, remixes and two of the more famous covers from label-mates The Shins and Iron & Wine. If you’ve never heard the album before do yourself the favour and if you already love it, check out the rest. It’s likely to be the only other Postal Service music we’ll get.

The other thing I wanted to spotlight was the curated playlists Apple do on their service and I know Spotify, Amazon and the rest do them too, I’m just saying Apple because thats what I’m using. For years on iTunes if you dug through to an artists page they would often have an ‘Essentials’ playlist and sometimes ‘Next Steps’ and ‘Deep Cuts.’ But these were always an expensive way of discovering an artist as they were on a song by song basis. I’d been making my own similar playlists for years anyway but I remember looking at these as early as 2003 and thinking it was a really cool idea. Them now being addable and streamable via Apple Music is really great. I’ve always enjoyed Modest Mouse but to listen to a curated list of essentials has been a lot of fun. Same goes for another band that I adore but are a little less well known, Pinback. They’ve got such a cool, low-fi, hauntingly melodic, indie rock sound that I can’t help but want more whenever I listen to them. If you don’t know them, have a listen. I think you’ll like them.

Hey look at that, I managed to write a pretty decent post and had a title with a double meaning. I surprise even myself!

I smile every time...

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