• James Hewlett

Put Your Crown On The Ground

I’ve been watching something totally different for the last couple of days.

I am not a patriotic person, I have zero affinity for the royal family, I only very begrudgingly stand for the anthem when I go to NFL games at Wembley and thankfully am never in a position where that comes up otherwise. I don’t want to go into my reasons and I don’t fault anyone for liking the whole thing, for me though it’s a lot like organised religion; if you want it, cool there you go, just don’t force it on anyone who doesn’t want it.

That said, I had heard such good things for a couple of years now that the Netflix series The Crown was really great so I never wrote it off as something I wouldn’t watch. I had it on my list for ages, I presumed Sara and I would get to it eventually and it would be a show we would watch together, but she started it while I was working this week so I figured I would watch the first episode to see if it was something I wanted to catch up with.

I’m three episodes in now and I like it. I think it helps that I’m totally ignorant of the true events so I’m watching it just as a well made and performed drama not as a historically accurate documentary.

I doubt I will catch up with Sara before she binges the two seasons currently available but maybe by season three we’ll be back on par.

The show hasn’t changed my opinion on the institution, but it is very revealing and entertaining.

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