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Burger Time

First Sunday without the NFL since I started this thing. It’s weird, it just doesn’t even feel like a Sunday. Sara and I fell asleep so early last night that we ended up being awake fairly early this morning so by lunch time we had done the bits we needed to do out and about and were ready for some food.

Since they opened in Portsmouth, a lot of my friends down there have been as addicted to 7Bone as we were when the first location opened in Southampton. Because of this I’ve seen a ton of posts about them this week and it reminded me that we hadn’t been in a while and for the first time all week we were both hungry.

7Bone burgers are honestly the best burgers I’ve had in the world. Its very rare that you find the best in the world in your own town but this is the one thing that Southampton has got. I’ve eaten at most of the good burger joints in London, Texas, Hawaii and California but given the choice, unless I wanted something specific, I’d take a 7Bone burger over them all.

I would have taken a picture but I ate it all so quick and was hypnotised by it that I totally forgot.

Since lunch we spent some time cleaning up the kitchen, we’ve got a house inspection on Wednesday and it was the only room that was a real two person job.

We’ve also been going through The Lord of the Rings again recently so we’re now just watching Faramir question Gollum during The Two Towers.

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