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You Gotta Fight

Yesterday at work I had a bit of a go at the management office. It’s quite unlike me, I enjoy my job for the most part and generally just keep my head down and get on with it. It works for me, I rarely catch any shit from the office and I don’t have any of the stresses a lot of the other guys do.

I had to speak up this time though. I tried to book a couple of days off later in the year only for them to be rejected as the days were already ‘full’ I won’t bother going into the details but I knew this wasn’t the case and I felt I was getting dicked around, but I would have let it go if the form hadn’t been returned to me with a note saying I’d had three weeks of my holiday allocated to me. These were completely random weeks spread through out the year and hadn’t been discussed with me what so ever. I wasn’t going to let it stand. I said they weren’t useful to me and can be canceled, they tried to explain that there was no more space for holidays at all through the year which I questioned. When they said that they had assigned other people holiday as well I bought up the point that there clearly was plenty of holiday spaces available and maybe they should let people request when they want off so they can plan stuff as opposed to having it planned for them.

At the time this was kind of ignored as they were very defensive about the stink I was kicking. I basically said I was going to book the holidays that I’m going to and I’ll request the time off. They can give it to me or not but I’ll be going away then regardless and if they have a big problem with it then I’ll go find work elsewhere. I enjoy my job but I’m not going to put up with shit.

I went into work today and there is suddenly a board up on the wall with the amount of holiday people have left to book and all available days. The way it should have been done. Oh, and the couple of odd days I asked off for to begin with, totally empty! So it was either laziness on there part of more assigned holiday that they’ve decided to pull off the table as they realised that when word gets out that they were doing that they would have a revolt.

So now hopefully I’ll be able to book time off that is more appropriate for our travel plans later in the year, but if I can’t I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I’m hoping Sara gets a new site in the Oxford area later in the year anyway which would mean me quitting my job anyway. I think maybe it is time for a change… Hmm thats a bigger topic, maybe I’ll do that one tomorrow.


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