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I mentioned yesterday how I thought maybe it was time for a change. I think it has been something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

For the longest time I presumed we would stay in Southampton, I’d either stay at my current job or find something else or Sara and I would run something together, be that a bar, cafe or any other business we decided on. That thought started becoming just one option in my head at some point last year and the more time that went by, the more things happened over the last year or so, and the more I thought about it, the more I think that a bit more of a fresh start is actually what would be best.

Sara has been at her current site for just over a year, she enjoys it for the most part and has a great deal of pride and ownership over the venue since she has been there since it was being built. But she is still the deputy manager and despite running the site and being the main person who gets anything done there, she doesn’t have the final word. She isn’t looked upon particularly favourably and doesn’t get on amazingly with the area manager she works for either.

She has been going through the companies in-house management development programme and isn’t really learning anything from it. It is a programmed designed to help development potential new GM’s while Sara is already at that level having only lost the GM job at her current site due to Jen’s prior experience launching a new venue.

Good things have come out of her attending the programme though, she has gotten to know area managers from across the country and they all see her expertise and potential. She gets on well with the area manager of the Oxford area too, which is very good. Last time she was asked, Sara expressed an interest in any new sites that might come up in that area and got a very strong response. It turns out there is a new site, likely a new Brew House even, opening at some point later this year/early next year.

After discussing it, we decided that if we heard any news regarding this new opportunity before our current tenancy agreement was up we wouldn’t re-up for the usual twelve months that we normally do but instead just go for six months and see what the situation was then. Well that time came last week and we considered but with everything else that we are planning we said “Oh lets just go for twelve, things don’t move that fast.” That was lunchtime. A few hours later the area manager of Oxford made a surprise visit to Sara’s site to see her (and the venue, as she hadn’t yet) and when it came up in conversation she told Sara to call our estate agent and get a six month break clause in our tenancy agreement. She made a lot of hints that this would be a good idea!

So with that in place now we are left to consider a lot of things. I have never lived outside of Southampton but am excited by the prospect. There is understandably a level of nerves too as well though but I am very easily able to think them away logically; My family isn’t as close as we once were and I would probably see them just as much as I currently do, hell maybe even more because a little effort would be required!

We have some close friends in town but not as many as we once did and out of the ones who are still in town theres an even smaller amount, really only two, who we see and hang out with regularly and if we were to move we wouldn’t be more than a couple of hours away. Perfect distance for a weekend visit one direction of the other every now and then.

I have a decent job, but it isn’t amazing and there should come a time that I move on from it. If we were to stay I am more likely to not leave because quite frankly I get complacent and somewhat lazy about changing jobs. A move to a new area might be exactly what is needed for me to find something even better. I shouldn’t struggle finding something at least as good at the absolute minimum. While moving, as we would have a lot going on all at once, I would go to work for Sara as we moved so that she could focus on getting her new site off the ground and I could support her with everything and anything needed while looking for work for myself.

All of this sounds and at times recently, seems, very immediate but it could happen in six months or it could be more than a year. The thing I think I have come to the conclusion of though is that it almost certainly is going to happen.

It’s exciting, I’m looking forward to having a place, an area, that is ours not just where I have always been. Sara has never loved being in Southampton and would appreciate being even just a little closer to her family in York. The biggest thing I would miss is our proximity to the water and the New Forest but there are plenty of nice areas similar to the latter and I never take advantage of the former anyway.

Ideally we wouldn’t move into a rented house again after this place, we are both looking forward to owning our own home very much. Unfortunately, unless someone pops their clogs or we get some very considerable help, we’re not in a position to buy just yet though we are working on it.

Its all stuff we need to figure out when we get the chance but at the moment Sara is being given such shitty all night rosters that we barely get a chance to see each other and when we do, doing sensible shit like that is the last thing we want to do!

This one was pretty serious and went kind of long! This is a flagstone post I would love to read back when this whole project is done though just to see where my life is at then compared to now!

I have a feeling it will be quite different… If its not, well thats just depressing.

Oh yeah, happy valentines day… my wife is at work and I’m at home alone.

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