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Aesthetically Pleasing

As you may have noticed I’ve been trying to make the blog a little more aesthetically pleasing this week.

When I first started the plan was for the picture to be the main focus of the post each day but that very quickly became not the case. I spend a lot more time and effort thinking about what to write and I’m enjoying that.

There are still days that I’ve not got much to say or the picture is worth being the main feature but otherwise it is mostly there just for consistency.

Thats why I’ve now taken to making it a little smaller and imbedded in the text. It definitely looks nicer and cleaner and allows the page to flow better I think.

To be totally honest I’ve not really put a lot of time into thinking about the aesthetics of the site at all but when I do intend to tweak things as and when. This was just one of those times.

I’ve also been playing around with some of the photo editing features built into my site manager, they’re really basic, the kind you’d find in your phones camera roll, but by tweaking a few settings I’m getting them to pop a little more instead of being raw, sometimes blown out, ugly photos.

I’d love to hear from anyone if they’ve got any ideas on how to make the site look even better going forward or for any sort of feedback. Is there a particular type of topic you would like to see me cover more? Are there any new mediums you

would be interested in seeing from me? I’m planning on writing a up a few posts this evening as Sara is at work but otherwise I’m still doing this day to day so any feedback can potentially be implemented pretty immediately!

Right, well I’ve not worked out for a couple of days and I’m feeling very lazy because of it, so I’m going to go correct that now. Hopefully I won’t shit myself, but thats just good advice in general.


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