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AT-AT Build, Step Two

AT-AT Build

Today we carried on building our semi destroyed AT-AT diorama crafty project that we’ve been working on.

We already had a base board, the AT-AT itself and some oasis, the stuff used for flower arrangements, to use as the base for building up rocky outcroppings. When we left it last time we had used some foam board to figure out where we would be building structures on to the AT-AT later on.

Todays job was first to cut out some panels using a multitool cutter thing and then filing it down to make it look clean. It was amazing the difference that just having a few holes cut made to the look of the toy.

After that we got to hot gluing it down to the base where we wanted it. Because we’ve removed one of the legs we wanted to make sure it would be secure when we started building around it.

AT-AT Scenery

The next step was to place, cut away at and glue down the oasis. We’ve got some fun stuff planned for the base board but wanted to have some rocky built up areas on either side. We’ve put in a couple of decretive support struts in on one side as we figured Ewok’s would want some form of scaffold on the big ass machinery.

Sara was excited to get on with the next big, we got to placing plaster of Paris all over the ‘rocks.’ I’ve never used the stuff before so it took some getting used to but once I got the hang of it it was fun to place and form into the sort of shapes we wanted. We ran out before we could cover everything but have got most of it


Me in an apron

We’ll probably get the last bits done in the week as the stuff takes ages to dry and if we can get it on and done we’ll be able to do some more next weekend. I think the next step is to spray the whole thing with a primer coat of paint before we start painting, weathering and decorating the whole thing. It’s still going to be a while, but it has been a lot of fun to see it start coming together.

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