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We’ve been ploughing through Charterstone a lot quicker than originally planned but we cannot stop! It started out as just a nice, simple worker placement game with legacy mechanics but it has grown into a much more complex game.

It has just the right amount of legacy boardgames crack too. I should explain what I mean by that. Games like this rely on you opening up new rules, mechanics, components, story and whatever else they can think to hide away in the box (or on special websites you’re directed to after tweeting at a specific account!) For some people this is just a gimmick that gets old very quick, and if you’re not engaged with the game already I can see why. For us though, in this game, every time one of us opens a ‘crate’ it is a bit of an event and we’re genuinely excited to see what we’re unlocking.

There are twelve games in the campaign of Charterstone and we just finished game nine. Thankfully, not only can you continue to play on your highly modified board after those twelve games but the flip side of the

Charterstone board

board is a blank slate ready for you to start all over again if you wanted to and you’ve purchased the not too expensive ‘recharge pack.’ I could definitely see us continuing to play on the board we have developed and if we ever were able to get a consistent group of other players to play with us we would probably buy the recharge pack and have great fun going through the campaign all over again.


I wanted to talk about one of the mechanics in particular today that is really fun an unique to this game. The winner is determined by your final score, pretty standard stuff, but there is another objective based victor at the end of each game in the story campaign as well and it is changes each game. At the end of game eight we were instructed to open another box and inside was a small tea candle, the objective of game nine was to not let the candle go out on your turn for whatever reason! It was so strange and different. We were both very careful whenever moving cards around, laughing coughing and we both just naturally were talking quite and calmer while the candle was lit! We were both careful and didn’t extinguish it by accident, but it eventually went out on Sara’s turn.

It was just the latest of the surprises this game has presented us so far, I’m looking forward to seeing what else it is hiding.

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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