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Breaking Free of Physical Media

I’m so over having physical media for the most part. Ed text me this morning to let me know about the release date for the complete Avatar: The Last Airbender collection on blu ray. It was pretty sweet of him to let me know but I had to inform him that I’ve previously bought the entire series twice in the past and don’t plan on doing so again, at least not on discs.

Since getting the Apple TV 4K I’m completely done with buying any films or TV shows physically unless it is a super special collectors box set type deal and even then I’m not buying that for the content on the discs but for the fancy packaging and whatever other extras come with it.

I used to have a huge DVD collection on my shelves and my blu rays were pretty sizeable too. Long ago I moved all the DVD’s to multiple wallets to save on space and because they just weren’t getting watched and more recently I boxed up all but a select handful of blu rays as well.

I’m only buying things digitally from now on and even then only if they’re available in 4K. It might be different if we had a 4K blu ray player as it is nice having completely lossless files as opposed to the streamed versions from iTunes but for the difference, it’s not worth it.

I love having other things on out multitude of bookcases now. Music went first, all my CD’s went into wallets when I started DJing at sixteen and I haven’t burnt a new one since before I stopped in 2014, I love my massive music library I have on hard drives and in the cloud.

What once used to house all my DVDs and blu rays now is full of our board games, some of Sara's and my collectibles and nicknacks, cook books and hard copies of books. I like my kindle, but Sara much prefers a physical book and to be honest, if we have it, I enjoy reading something that way too. The only other thing that still takes up one shelf is our video games. I wish I could go completely digital with them too, but unfortunately, in the UK, it is still so much cheaper to buy a

disc from amazon than it is to get the digital copy from xbox marketplace.

Upstairs we have two big bookcases, they actually were the ones that for a long time had all my movies on them but when they got moved away they soon filled up with graphic novels and trade paperbacks of comic series. Some time last year I was looking at them all and decided I wanted to declutter. Instead of having every volume of a series out I would just have the first volume or first few in some cases. Some things that I never plan on reading again got excised into the loft out right. I basically reduced ten shelves worth down to three and a bit of things I really love and would happily pick up and read at any time, and I tell you what, it worked! I go up there now and I just kind of grab something and will read it now. It’s great. I have curated a best of collection and if I start reading a series and want to continue, I know that all I need to do go grab the next ones from the loft. Easy.

I would recommend decluttering to anyone. I’m pretty good at it when I get in the zone, I can be brutal at getting rid of stuff. I think you need to do that every now and then.

Have a great evening, I’m going to watch Blade Runner 2049 in glorious 4K!

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