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Todays post is going to be some shameless cross promotion for my amazing wife. After lots of planning and over a years worth of drawing, designing, home studio building, perfecting technique and printing she has launched her website and online store!

Sara has been working on lots of different screen printed designs for a while now and although she got side tracked by larger orders for t-shirts and such, including all the staff shirts at her bar, she has always intended to launch her own site and store as a base for selling some of her art work.

I’m really proud of her and all the work she has put in and I think if you enjoy my nonsense you’ll probably really like her designs and stuff too so you should go and check it out!

Sara is always working on new designs and with the prints I believe the plan is to do limited edition runs of all of them. She’s got a selection of different ones up at the moment but I think she is planning on doing different series of designs on a certain theme, so you might get a few different designs based on The Expanse or Stranger Things or cityscapes. All with limited runs and probably with even more limited edition alternate versions as well.

It won’t just be posters though, there will be t-shirts and apparel and a corporate side too for any businesses looking to do batch orders but not necessarily requiring hundreds at a time and wanting a hand crafted touch or custom design.

It’s really exciting even for me to see all her hard work start to come together. She is hosting a craft fair at her pub the first weekend of March, so if you’re in Southampton and want to come along please do! All the details are on the facebook page and all the links are bellow.

Go check out Ditto Studio! Like, share, all that kind of stuff!

Ditto Studio



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