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Exercise Motivation

A few weeks ago I was ill, not for very long thankfully, but the cold/flu/whatever really did kick my ass for a few days. For the first couple of days I was feeling crap I fought through it and worked out anyway, I hadn’t missed a day yet this year and I wasn’t going to let that stop me. After doing a long set of sit ups and core strength building exercises though I woke up the next day feeling completely broken, so I took a day off.

I’m feeling almost completely better now, just the occasional sniffle in the nose, but the break in my routine I feel has ruined me. Since that day off I’ve taken two or three more and every day I really have to try and motivate myself into working out. Before being under the weather I was eager and excited to get home from work and go for a run or whatever I was doing that day, now it really is a chore. I don’t like it!

I know that if I get myself back into a good rhythm again that feeling will come back but I need to have the self discipline to get out and do it each day, no matter what. I need to stop making lame excuses; it doesn’t matter if its raining, go for a fucking run. Sara is at home this evening, cool so she’ll still be there when you finish you exercise programme today. Oh man I really need a shit, so shit and then go for a run!

I am not going to ever completely beat myself up and get angry when I miss a day, but it’s the loss of the motivation I had that is frustrating.

I went for a brisk walk today, I went longer and further that I have been doing for my runs and I felt good for doing it. I might start working that into my schedule say once a week as a not-quite-rest-day kind of exercise. The good thing about going for a walk is that I was able to take some pretty cool pictures along the way, something I don’t do when running as I don’t have my phone with me.

I do like where we live, it’s pretty cool!

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